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Babysitter Needed ASAP

Part Time
Our interests are utilizing family time as often and as frequently as possible. We believe that family is extremely important and we value honesty, forgiveness, and happiness. Our son A. just turned 1-year-old and right now his passions are construction/or renovation since he is constantly moving, eating, and/or destroying furniture or on special occasions, wall paint/drywall taste attempts. He also seems to be talented with escaping enclosures and evading the authorities. Nah! In all honesty he is and has always been pretty independent when it comes to play and discovering new things. He is a very active boy though, as many toddlers are. He definitely likes to try new things and test new limits, but he is so happy to meet new people and learn new things. A. does not require any special support nor does he require any special needs besides ensuring he does not eat or try to eat anything hazardous, since he is still teething. He can also have a tendency to try to put too much food in his mouth at one time, so being able to ensure he eats a small amount is needed as well. Currently, he does walk on his own, but he has not successfully mastered the art yet, therefore he does fall often. We are looking for a person who has a love for children. We hope that this individual could provide and extend the same care and love to our son as myself and my husband do. My husband and I have hilarious senses of humor and hope to offer this position to someone who enjoys the occasional dad-joke now and again or just build a friendship/relationship with someone who will become a staple in our sons life. Our home has a 2 car garage and drive way with additional parking in the front of the property. We do have 4 pets (ALL rescues from my vet hospital I worked at for 13 years): Finnigan: Maine Coon: 11 yrs: sweet/outgoing/loving Fury: 3 legged Deer head chihuahua: 9 yrs: sweet/outgoing/loving Sheamus: Tabby: 6 yrs: sweet/hides usually so you probably will not see him while here Apollo: Husky mix: 2 yrs: sweet/outgoing/loving/excited/vocal (as husky's always usually are)
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FAQs for babysitting jobs in Laveen

In 2023, how much do babysitting jobs pay in Laveen, AZ?
The average pay rate for babysitting jobs in Laveen, AZ on is $15.25 per hour as of March 2023. This rate will vary depending on your previous babysitting experience, the number of kids you'll care for, any child care certifications you have and the total amount of hours required of you per day/week.
How can I find a babysitting job in Laveen, AZ? has 2 babysitting jobs in Laveen, AZ. You can search for local families looking for babysitting help by filtering by distance from Laveen and comparing your options. Most families are looking for a combination of experience and relevant skills when they hire a babysitter. Since you'll be responsible for the safety of the children you'll be caring for, consider taking a babysitting course and getting certified in CPR and first aid to help you stand out from other babysitters in your area. When you apply to babysitting jobs, make sure your babysitting resume highlights any experience you have caring for children and include the ages of the kids you've babysat for.
Are families hiring babysitters in Laveen during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Many parents working from home are looking for someone they can trust to care and entertain their kids for a few hours a day or more. There are currently 2 babysitting jobs available in Laveen, AZ from families who are seeking help. continues with their mission of connecting caregivers and families, especially during these critical times.