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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2015
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
In the business of Early Education there are very few Awards but many rewards and caring for the children that come through us. I have been accredited in the State of Arkansas, years ago when I was at home doing a pre-k program. I went by the name of Challenger Plus Preschool. That Facebook page is still available for viewing today. Thank you :-)

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Program Details

Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Preschool $ 100 per week 4
Pre-K $ 100 per week 4
*availability last updated on 12/16/2015
Full Time (5 days/wk)

Ratings & Reviews

( 7)
Nikki Loftus, the owner/director/teacher of Kinder College could have one of the top daycares in Shelby County IF she could stop posting TMI (2 much info.) On social media, gossiping about her customers aka the mothers, carry herself like a professional black woman. She has asked for money on FB to help move when her boyfriend dumped her for a nether woman, then she actually posted she has to move again cause her apartment got bed bugs. But the inappropriate half naked selfies she posts on FB and the fact she flirts with all the dad's aka husbands every chance she get. She will tell confidencal info about your kid to her click of moms. Just plain unprofessional. Teachers shouldn't post almost nude pics on their FB for your husband's to see. For her students to see. She's cash only cause she think she to good to accept DHS daycare payments. She thinks cash only keeps the ghetto kids away. But she does have a lot of great ideas, teaches the kids alot and works with them on their pre k skills. She has her favorites though, she hangs out with a few of the moms outside kinder College and she favors those kids, spends more time 1 on 1 with them, breaks her own rules for them, and shows them prefidentoal treatment. She has her favorites.
My daughter has attended Kinder College over a year now. She started at age 2. Our family was really struggling with keeping potty training consistant, Ms.Nikki came in and had my baby fully trained with no accidents during bedtime or naptime in 3 days!!! My daughter can read & recongnize all her colors, she can write her name, she can say the days of the week, months of the year, the pledge of allegiance, her grace & about 20 songs that I've never heard in my life! Lol. She's learned how to think about the consequences of the choices she makes, she's learned to look out for her friends and those younger than her, I could go on and on.

Not only is Kinder College an amazing school, it's also a little family. Where parents look out for the other children not just their own, we help each other when needed. I can not imagine our lives with out this program or Ms.Nikki. She allows kids to florish & provides them with a fun & safe environment to do so!

I'm so happy we found this family and if your child was here you would be too!
Jennifer E
Amazing! In 1.5 months with Ms. Nikii, the owner and teacher at Kinder College, my son Mason has learned more than in a month and a half than he had in over a year at his previous daycare! Ms. Nikki is structured...every mean the kids wash their hands before they eat ( real cooked food..NOT microwave saulsbury steak) brush their teeth after they eat. Orginized-each room has a diffrent purpose so the kids are NOT in a room all day..they have a science room with fish..bird...gerbils...learning room...dining room...nap room...etc...consistant-weather permitting they have a walk every day, my son knows what to expect...she potty trains him and hes not yet two but in a little over a month he now can go to the bathroom on his own...wash his hands...get a towel and dries them and puts the paper towel in the trash every time.

Amazing is a understatement.
...the best childcare in Memphis...and Ive checked out between 15-20 before finding her and not one comes close. Kinder College has high expectations for the quality of care they provide, its more like pre school than basic daycare. Ms. Nikki takes pride in her business and it feels like is Masons second home and with the small ratio of kids, I think the max limit is 10 and she has an amazing 2nd teacher Ms. Briell, the kids get the extra attention and love they deserve. I have never seen a daycare ran with such perfection and I will NEVER send my children ( I have 1 on the way) anywhere but to Kinder College. If Memphis parents only knew about her...Im sure there would be a waiting list a mile long!
Ps. Kinder College is extremely clean, my son used to have a cold or get sick every week in his last soon as it cleared up and he went back, hed come home sick again. Not anymore, in 2 months he has only had 1 cold and he got that from his older brother, not from daycare. Ms. Nikki keeps their hands washes and the daycare sanitized. Mason has never got sick there. Ms. Nikki is a blessing. Im so thankfull I found her. I pay the same thing as I did in his previous daycare...but get 10000 times more. Thanks you Ms. Nikki, I can now go to work and am at peace knowing Mason is in the best of care.
Rodneshia V
Kinder college is an excellent preschool and learning daughter was so excited when she started with ms.nikki...Ms. Nikki is very hands on and disciplined when it comes to their education and I absolutely love that....she never discourages the children when they're learning and uplift them at all times....My daughter is even more advanced since starting at kinder college
The kids love the curriculum. Before they are ready to go to elementary, they already know how to write their names and have an advanced vocabulary. Tons of art, music, reading, and fun science projects. Everyone here is so loving, more like family, rather than just staff and parents. Would highly recommend to work there or if you want your child to have the best early education.
Brenda R
You are doing a fantastic job with kinder college.
Kyterria D
My son has been attending Kinder College; since the age one, he's now two. My son was not potty trained, could not hold eating utensils, he was not talking at all, amongst educational things. Ms. Nikki had gotten my son potty trained literally the FIRST WEEK! He's now two, and he talks up a storm. He loves singing his ABC's, he knows his colors, shapes, animals. His memory is amazing! You can tell him smething once, and he'll remember it. The kids up there all get along great! Kinder College is like a family environment! Ms. Nikki works with you as much as she can to reassure the best education for your child as needed! The environment of the school is safe! There isn't any bullying going on around here; if there were Pierre would not be attending! The kids love each other, they're bond is so close they call each other brother & sister. The kids are very welcoming, as well as Ms. Nikki! My son loves going to school EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not only that what school do you know of that'll feed the kids things like "SEASONED greens, bar b que baked chicken... the list can go on! Sometimes the kids are eating better than me! I love Kinder College, and I always tell Ms. Nikki how happy I am that Pierre has joined this program!
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