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Marys Little Lambs-Home Nursery/Pre-K

4304 Sandwich Court, Waldorf, MD

Costimate: $210/wk

Great Starts and Loving hearts at Marys Little Lambs Family Home Childcare. Call 301-710-7741 Hi! My name is Mrs Mary and I am a DOE accredited, licensed family childcare provider. I teach each child to read prior to entering K-5. I offer a lifetime of experienced, quality, loving childcare at great rates starting over 20 years ago. I am a 43-year-old mother and teacher always looking for the best future of each and every child I care for.
I am a loving, well experienced, very patient provider/teacher. Affordable and flexible. I am currently offering a free week of childcare for infants and up, for those who enroll within the next few weeks.
Connecting through playful learning is an important part of our day, along with snacks, discovery, circle time, lunchtime, nap-time and Outdoor playtime.
I personally care for each child giving each lots of personal attention both individually and in small group activities such as singing learning songs, playing games indoor and out, tailored education and ensuring and fostering each child to reach their developmental mile stones and preparing each child for a happy and successful transition into school. We practice school structured activities such as raising hands to speak in circle time, lining up to wash hands, use the bathroom, go outside, go for walks and always encourage good manners.
I provide all equipment including bedding for infants and up, Snacks, all beverages and may provide breakfast and lunch. If parents provide lunch rate will be decreased accordingly.

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FAQs for finding preschools in Waldorf

In 2021 what types of preschool can I find near me in Waldorf, MD?
There are two main types of preschool programs you can send your kids to in Waldorf, MD. The first is a full-time preschool program that usually works well for parents working full-time shifts. The second is a part-time preschool program where you can enroll your child for 2-3 days per week and typically choose between a morning or afternoon shift. A part-time preschool can be a great option if you want to ease the transition of this new learning experience for your child. You can also check your options in Waldorf, MD for traditional preschool centers, or private home-based preschools.
What should I look for in a good preschool program in Waldorf, MD?
When you begin looking for preschools in Waldorf, MD ask about the ratio of learning time to supervised play time so you can get a good sense of whether you believe your child's needs will be met. From there, ask about what a typical day consists of, what the safety protocols are and how discipline will be handled. Also, make sure to check directly with the preschool for information about their local licensing and credentials in Waldorf, MD.
How can I find a preschool near me in Waldorf, MD?
There are currently 22 preschools in Waldorf, MD on Care.com and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare between preschool programs by traditional facility-based preschools and private, in-home preschools. Be sure to check reviews from other families in Waldorf, MD who have previously sent their kids to any of the preschools you are interested in.