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Lucy K.|Anacortes, WA

$20-25/hr 10 yrs exp

Licensed Veterinary Technologist + Masters Degree. Pet Sitter For Those That Want A Knowledgeable & Reliable Sitter.

I'm a licensed veterinary technologist and received this bachelors degree from one of the top 3 LVT programs in the country - Michigan State University. A technologist is the equivalent of a BSN, RN in the human world. Though I work in corporate now, I get my animal fix through pet sitting and relief work at emergency animal hospitals. My medical knowledge and work with all types of animals that have been in vulnerable positions means I am best prepared to be your dog/house sitter. I often dog/house sit 2 weeks out of the month. All of my clients have found me by word of mouth only. This is my first online ad since I'll be new to the area come August 2015. I won't be in WA until mid-August but I wanted to provide my background. Many of my clients have very nice homes and security cameras inside and out, I don't mind this provided they're in appropriate places and not in the bedroom and bathroom that I will be using. I prefer to house sit when I pet sit so that the pet has company and interaction for longer periods. I don't usually charge by hour for this reason. When I do watch a pet for a day during the week, I also make it a point to let them out at lunch time too. I charge $30 for these overnight stays for the first dog, and $10 additional for each dog after that. This includes administration of medicine and all walks. If the dog is manageable for one, and they find themselves in mud, I don't minding bathing them either (no extra charge). Cats are $25 per day and no extra charge for additional cats unless there are medications. Cats don't require walks and are typically lower maintenance. This charge includes cleaning the litter box. My SUV is fairly large which is why I prefer not to travel too far but this means I have plenty of room in my car to take dogs to the park. Again, no extra charge but if it's within a few miles from the house I'd be happy to do that. Before agreeing to sit for someone I will ask first to meet the owner and pets at the house. This will ensure I'm a great fit for you and your pets and your a great fit as a client. Once we agree that we could work together I require a letter dated and signed that lists steps in case of emergency for your pet. I have a template and more details for that letter when that time comes.

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