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Mama T's Animal House's Photo

Mama T's Animal House

Tammery Dr., Tallmadge, OH

Welcome to Mama T's Animal House. What sets us apart from other pet services is, we are a home away from home with a loving staff that provides your fur baby with the attention they need and you don't have to empty your pockets to get the quality of life your pet deserves. Here at Mama T's, we have many pet services available for all your needs. Please note the open times for the Animal House. If there is any thing you need outside these hours it is completely OK.

1. Animal House - Must pass a Temperament Test. You can drop your fur baby off at the Animal House and the only thing needed is dog food, harness, leash, favorite blanket, and ready for fun and adventure. We do not charge extra for playtime and walks like most companies because we feel that's all part of the services, just as it should be.

2. Friendly Visits - We also provide friendly visits for your Fur Babies who didn't pass their Temperament Test or you just prefer we come to you. This includes play, feed, walk, and lots of belly rubs.

3. Companion Sleepovers - We go to your house and stay to feed, walk, play, and even get the mail and clean up after your dog.

4. Vet Rides - Do you need a ride to the vet? We at Mama T's will pick you up, stay with you, and take you back home. If you just want us to take your Fur Baby, then you would need to get permission from your vet.

5. Farm Sitting - Any of you Farmers need a well-deserved vacation? We got you covered. All animals will stay on the same schedule and won't even know you're gone.

We help all animals from reptiles, dogs, and even farm animals. This is our passion and we strive to show that we are "One in a Million" in pet services.
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