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All Paws Pet Care Service

62 Meriam Street, Wakefield, MA

Services Include and are not limited to;
-All Paws Dog Walks. Min.20 minutes to a max.of 30 minutes
-Pawp-in relief breaks 10 to 15 min drop ins. Great for potty training and elderly dogs. Or just to let the doggies out & make sure everyone is fed and comfortable.
-All Paws Dog Hikes are 2 to 3 dogs per 40 minute group. *Unless previously discussed with the owner ALL APPC dogs will be ON LEASH (min.6ft/max.6-12ft). Long leads w/fitted nylon collars/martingales for this. If your dog is NOT micro chipped, they will wear their own collar with ours. SAFETY is our first priority for our 4 legged friends! *Chip info will be collected prior to scheduled outdoor adventures* We do use near by reservations but will travel further when able to schedule further out. Sheepfold in Stoneham and Brakeheart Reservation Wakefield/Saugus are the go-to's for now !
-All Paws PJ Parties... your place or mine?! Small animals, mostly dogs MUST be kid friendly if boarded and as expected they must be UTD on vaccines (rabies, distemper, kennel cough). Charged by each 24 hours. If a dog stays 24 hrs with a half day until you're able to pick up, you will receive an additional $15 for a half day of daycare. We also do pick up and drop offs for this (add $10)
-Paws @ Play is for 2 to 3 dogs to join us at a local pet friendly park or dog park. SAFE Transportation provided both ways for add'l $10
-All Paws Pet Spa Service STARTS at $35 any breed. Includes bathing, forced-air hand drying
with manicure & pedicure. Pawling? Sure! We can be fancy for the ladies (add'l $5).

*If you choose to have your pet board with us for more than 3 days/nights, they will receive a complimentary tubby and nail trim at your discretion. I know grooming can add to stress for some pets, and we want the experience to be as relaxing and fun for them as it is for the groomer (me). If your dog requires a more trimming, I have many recommendations! Just ask!
Tracey's Dog Walking & Sitting's Photo

Tracey's Dog Walking & Sitting

P.O. Box 0000, Medford, MA

Dog Walking
Stop by Tracey's Dog Walking today and make use of the variety of dog walking services we provide. Regardless of your animal's type, age, or mannerisms, each of our services can be customized specifically for them. Our services are listed below.
Dog walking services are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Dog walking services are available on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Please Note that additional fees apply for same-day appointments, walks after 4 PM, weekend walks, and holiday walks. Walks are available in 30 minute or 60 minute lengths.
Solo walks are a good option for all types of dogs because they get special care and individual attention. Solo dog walking is the best choice for dogs that are elderly, ill, aggressive, unfriendly, or reactive to other dogs (or just love one-on-one attention).
If your fury friend requires more one on one handling, the solo walk is the best option. Your fury friend will get all the attention and exercise they need. Our dog walking services allow us to track walks with our GPS app, and we will provide a report card at the end of the walk.

Group Walk
With group walks, your dog will make friends that walk together daily and form a bond that we call a "pack". They enjoy seeing their friends everyday and have fun on their walks while socializing in a monitored, safe environment. We often hear from owners that they get to know other owners because their dog pulled them to their furry friends houses, or towards each other when they encounter one another on the street or park. Maximum four dogs, large or small.
Solo Off-Leash Walk
Off-leash solo walks are a great option for your fury friend that likes to be alone, running and playing off-leash. Stop by Tracey's Dog Walking today and make use of the variety of dog walking services we provide. Regardless of your animal's type, age, or mannerisms, each of my services can be customized specifically for them.
Please be sure to sign the liability waiver for off-leash walks.
Group Off-Leash Walk
We provide off-leash dog walking services at Tracey's Dog Walking of Medford. This off-leash option gives your fury friend more exercise and more freedom. You can rest assured that your pet will receive the encouragement and attentiveness they need, even walking in a group.
Please be sure to sign the liability waiver for off-leash walks.
Solo Trail Walk
Many of our valued clients have brought their pets to Tracey's Dog Walking of Medford to experience
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