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Playful Bow's Photo

Playful Bow

P.O Box 660513, Arcadia, CA

Worried if your walker was a no show or was late for their appointment? With Playful Bow you'll rest assured that our walkers are on time and show up with our GPS tracking system by Pet Check Technology you'll have peace of mind knowing where and when your pooch has been walked!

Dog walking duration ranges from 15 to 60 minutes. Our services include stop-ins which consist of potty breaks and a quick walk around the block to stretch out, also if needed we can feed and refresh water bowls during the stop in.

Cats! Cats pretty much take care of themselves but if you need a welfare check on your cat while you are out of town we will scoop that poop, no problemo. We also offer an in home cat stimulation visit if you are worried the little guy is lonely while you are at work.

Have a senior dog? Dogs in their golden age need a little extra TLC. As they still need some exercise we provide help around the house or a jot around the block to make them feel young again. Just let us know any special needs and will take care of it.

Just had a litter of puppies and can't attend to them? No problem we LOVE PUPPIES! We can help with the feeding and cleaning while you work or even if you simply need time off to catch your breath. We provide play time to simulate their senses and discourage bad behavior. Get them while they are young!

Also, if you have any other pets besides dogs and cats that need some attending while you're out we do that too! Prices vary depending on the animal and the duration of the stay.
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