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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider - Hello, my name is Tyler...

Part Time $11 – 28/hr Starts 03/24 Destin, FL
About who needs care: Hello, my name is Tyler. I had originally been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, panic. Adhd, However, my doctored recently discovered these all are just somatic responses to underlying trauma I went through when I was younger. I am currently going to a psychiatrist in addition to a psychotherapist for EMDR therapy, 2 -3 times a week. I have trouble with time management, eating /taking medications proper times, meal prep, basic housekeeping, finance management I like to be creative, explore new cafes, crypto currency, hanging with friends, maybe new hobbies My ideal day is changing, as I was running a business but I stopped it so I could focus on my healing, so I dont have a current ideal structure day yet but I can put thought into it About the care needs: I am open right now to see what applications come in I do well with people that are more structured than me and direct. As I am reprocessing a lot of childhood trauma, someone that is supportive with me and help me get out of my funks. When I am alone I tend to spiral and get overwhelm anxiety, so anyone that has had experience with helping people like that. If I were to guess the type of personality I would think of someone that is like a Party or wedding planner, just super organized and can help me organized as well as I will feed off that energy. I personally like exploring new business ideas and want to start getting back into creative hobbies again like video editing Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship.
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