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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider In Fairhope

Full Time
About who needs care: Multiple underlying conditions: congestive heart failure (pacemaker); peritoneal dialysis overnight; subcortical dementia (white matter disease from years of unchecked high blood pressure which is now under control) - those are the biggies and he does NOT like to discuss the fact that he has been diagnosed with dementia. He also had a stroke in Oct2019 which affected just his speech and is completely fine now. However recently he's had episodes that were similar to before he was diagnosed with stroke in 2019. Possible TIAs going on. He loves to drive (he currently doesn't because he has to been feeling well); he reads some but he cant see that well anymore even after cataract surgery. He mostly watches tv. Ideally would like someone who would encourage him to get up and move around. He uses a walker and needs to rebuild his strength About the care needs: Someone who will be firm but at the same time make sure my dad feels like he is in control. He is a Veteran and loves to talk about his time in the service. He loves all things WW2 and if a caregiver knew about it or could talk about history with him some I'm sure he would like that. Would prefer someone who is experienced with patients on dialysis. Or if not someone who is a quick learner and very sanitary and can follow procedures (and make sure my dad does) if he needs help with the dialysis. Organization skills a plus. Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, and light housekeeping.
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