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Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider In Midland

Part Time
About who needs care: I have spinal cord injuries, hip injuries & several toes have been partially or completely amputated due to auto-immune disorders that caused bone infections. I also have fibromyalgia which just adds more pain to my daily life. My mobility has become increasingly limited and my husband works 2 jobs, so there's no one to take care of the house. I have puzzles and games that I like to play. I also like to watch movies. My ideal day would be to wake up to a clean house & have coffee outside on the back patio. Then have a nice breakfast, maybe watch a movie or two. Then go outside in the shade and do my exercises. Then shower, have lunch and relax with a book or a puzzle for a couple of hours. Sometimes I might even take a nap. Afterwards, I might try to start a load of laundry, or move the load from the washer to the dryer, or take out the load from the dryer and move to the living room to fold the clothes while I watch one of my favorite shows. After a while its dinner time, then I wait for my husband to come home. The best days are when he comes home early and we have dinner together. About the care needs: I'm looking for someone who cares about doing a good job. Someone who cares about a clean place, and is Efficient with his or her time. There is a lot of clutter in my house, so the person cannot be easily frustrated by working around clutter. I may ask for assistance with organizing some things and my thoughts are often slow in coming, so the person also has to have Patience. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, and light housekeeping.
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