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Brigitte V.|Suisun City, CA

$10-20/hr 2 yrs exp 41 yrs old

Grateful For The Lives Long Lived.

A couple years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to care for a 100-year-old man for his last year of life and his 94-year-old wife. While working there, I quickly fell in love with the them. I worked to find ways that would help them do the things that they wanted to do so that they could continue to live their lives the way they chose. I quickly recognized their needs and helped them feel as comfortable and independent as possible. It was important to me that they felt they still had control and didn't feel like they were being babysat. Both suffered from dementia, so as time went on I spent most of the day keeping them calm and entertained while caring for their personal needs. His wishes were to pass away at home, so the week leading up to his final breath, I spent time every day with him, even the days I was not working. I bathed and nursed him and made sure he was as comfortable as he could be. After we lost him, it was no longer financially affordable to maintain in home 24 hour care so the family moved his wife to a nursing home. I continued to visit her after the job ended. I miss them both very much. My next position was with an 83-year-old diabetic woman. She was bedridden most of the time I was with her, but so amazing to talk to. I learned a lot from her. I took care of her personal needs and tested her sugar and administered her insulin shots. I stayed with her until I had to move home to California. I love to care for seniors. I have so much respect for people who have walked through so many years. Their knowledge is incredible and their experiences open your eyes to things you'd never imagine. So many are lonely with friends and family passing away and their children who care so much, but have such busy lives they can't be there as much as they would like. Every moment spent with them is as valuable to me as I try to be for them. Its something I would love to continue doing.
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