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Companion Care Needed For My Loved One In Los Alamitos

Part Time $17 – 30/hr Starts 06/16 Los Alamitos, CA
About who needs care: I don't know all the answers to these questions yet. I am looking for someone to assist as needed for my sister who has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson accompanied with some dementia, depression and lack of interest in doing much of anything but sitting in a chair watching tv. Her husband is still working and can't leave her alone. I live an hour away and can't always be there. I am just trying to do the research to find someone that might be able to assist. Last year she lost her job, and last week she lost her drivers license. The worst part is that she doesn't understand what all the concern for her is about. About the care needs: Unfortunately, her hobby is shopping which is not affordable or sustainable at this point. I believe she has stopped doing the laundry, cooking or planning meals unless it is with her husband by her side. She is frustrated when she thinks we are "bossing her around and telling her what to do", when in fact we are just trying to motivate her to get out of the chair in front of the trv. She does walk everyday with her husband or a friend but that is about it. When she takes her medication on time, she is pretty co-herent but when she doesn't her mental state is completely different. I am just trying to figure out how to introduce the idea of a little help to her and her husband. They are very private people and won't accept outside help easily, but having been raised by a surgeon, I know the time is coming. I have taken her to months of various appointments for doctors, blood tests, eye and dental appts, and many physical therapy appointments as well as her driving assessment, and dinner with a good friend of hers. I can come about once a week but want them to have a backup. He husband has been dealing with this a long time until her husband and kids finally told me how bad things were getting. I know what is coming and just want to them to have the additional support they need. Their kids are grown with careers of their own, and don't live close. I'm hoping you can help! My father had someone trough Care. com back around 2017. He was wonderful with my father until my dad passed away. Thank you for any help you can give me. Also, I would prefer any communication in writing so I can share my research with my sister and her husband. Currently there is a lot of denial and resistance. I expect this all to be a very slow process.
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