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Environmental BioSolution

103 Montvale Ave, Woburn, MA

Environmental BioSolution uses industry leading standards to provide Precision Disinfection to ensure a healthier environment for your staff, clients, and family. We provide green disinfection solutions for senior housing, day care centers, residential, along with other industries. EBS takes you the next level of clean by using systematic, innovative and environmentally preferred solutions in disinfection and sterilization.

- Day Care Centers
Children are subjected to bacteria and germs on a daily basis simply due to the proximity of the spaces they inhabit. As a child care or education provider, Parents expect that the health and safety of their children is your number one priority.

Your home is your safe haven, but you may be unaware of the millions of bacteria that are harboring on surfaces throughout your house. Thorough cleaning with traditional disinfectants is not enough to eradicate bacteria and viruses from your household. Bacteria can create a barrier around themselves called biofilm, this invisible barricade can make them resistant to common household cleaners and very difficult to kill. These common cleaners and disinfectants such as bleach have been known to create a carcinogenic by-product which can cause asthma and severe body and eye irritation. Whether you just purchased a home and want to protect your family before you move in or you want disinfect your current residence, EBS we will create a custom package to ensure the best disinfection application for you and your family.
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