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649 North Barron Blvd., Grayslake, IL

Care Beyond My Brother
My story started with my brother, Anton, but we decided not to end it there. At the age of 17, I became a caregiver for my brother who had become paralyzed from the waist down due to a car accident. I witnessed my teenage brother being robbed of his dignity. I observed his caregiver's lack of compassion. At that moment, I decided that I'd become his caregiver. We didn't have the privilege of a two-parent home. All we had was each other. I had to believe in him. He had to believe in me. I began to watch him recover physically and emotionally. A fire lit in me-a burning desire. I realized that I had a gift and a passion for people. I started to apply that passion, compassion and extreme care-giving while working in nursing homes and hospitals. I took the lessons that I had learned with my brother and began to see similar results. My experiences began to transcend into the homes of the disabled, discouraged, confused, and even schizophrenic. I've worked with your fathers and mothers; your husbands and wives; your sisters and brothers and our Veterans. They have all had the same desire: Can you believe in me, as I believe in you. This understanding has led me and my wife to the creation of this great company of experienced like-minded staff and caregivers who have the same passion and commitment. Our mission is: dignity and independence, comfort and peace, safety and Integrity. Your Home is in Your Heart. Your Heart is in our Hands. We Believe In You.
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