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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider - My husband, Bill, has s...

Full Time $20 – 22/hr Starts 11/01 Hagerstown, MD
About who needs care: My husband, Bill, has secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. He is wheelchair bound, and is a two person transfer, or one person transfer with our Hoyer lift. His personality Is very easy-going, and agreeable. He needs someone to feed him, and his liquids are thickened. He can push himself around in his chair, and enjoys going for a walk, and being outside when it is nice weather. We have a handicap accessible van that the caregiver may use throughout the day. It is healthy for him to play memory games, and be asked questions to stimulate conversation. He is 6 foot five inches and weighs approximately 175 pounds. We are looking for a full-time caregiver For approximately 40 hours per week with occasional flexibility to swap a week day for a weekend day. We have two cats, So a caregiver with pet allergies may be an issue. Because my husband is immunocompromised, we would like a caregiver who has been COVID-19 vaccinated. About the care needs: Emotional maturity is important to us. Bill needs someone who can stimulate conversation, and be respectful of our personal boundaries. Someone who Pays attention to detail, being physically active at times, take bill on a walk in his wheelchair, help his mind stay stimulated by playing a game or doing memory games, etc. We appreciate Help with light housekeeping during down times like when Bill takes a nap in the afternoon. To help with light housekeeping and meal prep is a plus. Bill loves the outdoors, and likes to sit on the porch, go for a ride in the van, and have someone assist him with and encourage him to do his light exercises. It its important that the caregiver likes animals. We have two cats, and our son has two dogs that occasionally visit. We look forward to having someone who has a love for caregiving, and will work with us Towards maintaining a healthy balance in our home, with mutual respect and trust. Thank you so much! Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.

Newborn Care Temp. Full Time Then Be Our Go To Sitter - Exhauste...

Full Time $12 – 15/hr Starts 10/15 Hagerstown, MD
Exhausted new momma with rare disease n health issues, need to go into the hospital for a week or so and will need help every week day w our nearly 4-month-old daughter during the time her dad is at work, typically 7-3 ish. This could be up to 2 weeks and we could work out a flat rate if that's best for you, after that, we'd like to just have a go to baby sitter who our daughter is comfortable with or to help out when his other 2 sons come to visit if we have too much going on or want to take them somewhere that isn't suited for the baby etc. we can give notice for those times. right now I'm more than burnt out and pushing my physical and mental health way too far and don't want to wait till I collapse to take some time for healing and catching up on infusions and therapies etc. so I'd like to arrange for someone to be here to with the baby and help with generalized light housekeeping (dishwasher loads and tidying, n possibly starting a crock pot dump meal that I'll have prepped for you to pour in n leave simmer) asap! could start as early as midweek next week (today is oct. 15th) Our interests and values include- Experience specifically with new born, comfortable giving g medicine in syringes, familiarity with using/heating breast milk. The kids love carried, swayed, her pace she has tummy problems and so we give her colic medicine in a syringe a few times a day and she has anti gas/colic bottles and feeding stuff which we can show you the best way to use them and we just burp her a bit in between which she hates lol and is a lil tricky to burp. she also fights sleep but loves the snuggles and her swing we're looking for someone who has patience and is very attuned and attentive/present. it will be difficult suddenly not having mom or being attached to breastfeeding all day and I want the transition to be as soothing and supported as possible for her To get to our home, you can park in the guest parking on side of building and get your workout coming up the steps (in sorry lol I hate them too)
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