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Yowin Daycare

14725 Calvary Pl., Centreville, VA

Starting at $250/wk

Welcome to my family daycare located near route 28, Centerwood Rd., Old Mill Rd., Mt. Olive Rd., Compton Rd. Details are listed below.

* state licensed
* CPR and First Aid Certified (provider with 15 years of experience).
* Monday-Friday, 7 am - 6 pm (Flexible Scheduling Options Available including Weekends).
* Single family home / non-smoking.
* Nutritional breakfasts, lunches, and after-school snacks will be provided in the cost of weekly tuition.
* We follow a daily schedule and will help prepare your child to be ready for kindergarten.
* Bull Run bus stop is in front of my daycare. Centreville E.S near by my home.

We believe that all children are special and unique. Our vision is to develop physical, social, emotional, and intellectual behaviors in all areas of each child.

Physical development.........-Exercise [wiggle, stretch, indoor, outdoor activities].
-Healthy food.
We emphasize on Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development
Social development............-Field trips [zoo, parks, museum, and library].
-Organized special events [mother's day, and many more].
-Entertainment [music, art, dancing, crafts, birthday celebrations].
-We also emphasize that each child needs to become independent and to use their words.
Emotional development......-Redirection [Develops self-control and self-esteem through positive discipline].
Intellectual development....-Using the five senses to learn to control their own behaviors, and to be less dependent on adults.

I am always open to any feedback.
We will help your child to meet their age-appropriate milestones. This is the right place for individualized personal care for your most important little one.
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