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Noah's Ark's Photo

Noah's Ark

618 Central Ave, Westfield, NJ

Costimate: $215/wk

Here at Noah's Ark children ages Infant-Kindergarten are cared for by our nurturing and experienced teachers who have a true gift with children. We create a partnership with our parents to assure both you and your child's needs are met. Our Philosophy is based on three principal goals. These are to help children gain confidence, to impart a strong sense of community and to foster a true love of learning. We provide a warm consistent environment where our children are encouraged to explore, make choices and gain independence. We instill a strong sense of self and a discovery of each child's unique place in the world we live in.

Our Nursery provides babies with the opportunity to explore with age appropriate toys and materials in a healthy, warm and loving environment. These surroundings along with the caring and loving hands of our teachers help our babies build self confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm which makes their early stages of development that much more joyful! Safety & cleanliness is of top priority!

Noah's Ark teachers want toddlers to feel comfortable and safe while they explore, inquire, experiment, create, question, and learn. We strive to create an environment where they feel safe to learn and where they are respected, empowered, trusted and listened to. In short, a place to which they want to come back each day, because it's theirs.

An environment of bright colors and appropriate centers provide optimum stimulation for the Young Pre growth. Young Pre children want to touch, taste, smell, hear, and test things for themselves. Our teachers incorporates into the curriculum four of most important developmental areas for this age group: Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical growth. Many self help skills are also introduced to the children through daily routines and cooperative play. The children are taught to be more vocal resulting in language strong development.

Pre-K Kindergarten
Our curriculum has children are eager, happy and excited about learning! We pride ourselves in embracing children's natural curiosity, inspiring them to explore and discover the world of learning. Our weekly themes are enhanced with many hands-on activities which engage children into learning. Social, Emotional and Academic development is all wrapped up into one fun package! We believe that children learn by doing, here we encouraged them to believe in themselves and graduate from our school natural leaders.

Early Start Day Care Center

2402 Hamlette Place, Scotch Plains, NJ

Costimate: $228/wk

I have BA degree in Education with graduate level courses and 20 years of experience working with and taking care of children as a Pre-K Teacher, Elementary School Teacher, Day Care Supervisor and 5 years running my own business. I'm certified in: First Aid, Infant/Child/Adult CPR, Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and SIDS Awareness. I'm up to date with all required courses and trainings the New Jersey Department of Education requires.

I have an approved child care facility for infants (starting at 6 weeks old) and children 2 - 5 years.
I have dedicated the first level of my colonial house to my child care facility that is secure, safe, clean, pet and smoke free.
I offer full time, part time and drop in care.
I have a secure, safe, clean, fun and nurturing indoor environment and a small playground to play outside. Learning time and activities are fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate for young children. I have a professional curriculum purchased from an educational company and meets the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The activities for Infants/Todders includes: Literacy (books, story time, colors, shapes, vocabulary enrichment) and dramatic play (sensory art activities).
I also provide Music (songs, finger plays, nursery rhymes) and curiosity (peek-a-boo, hide and seek.) Construction (blocks, connectors) and physical development (indoor/outdoor) are available every day.

The activities for 2 years old and preschool includes:
- Literacy: Circle time, language development, phonics, alphabet, letters sound/recognition, reading, writing.
-They learn Mathematics: Number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, classification, early geometry and spatial sense, patterning, measurement, puzzles, blocks, first steps for adding and subtracting.
-I teach science such as: Observation, classification, experimentation, science concepts, curiosity development.
- Social Studies are part of my program: Manners, community work, share, take turns, virtues.
- Art is one of the children's favorite. I use a variety of materials to develop creativity expressions and fine motor skills.
- Music and dramatic play are very important for auditory discrimination, memorization, rhyme, play instruments, follow the beat, self-expression, dance, vocabulary, development, cooperation, and role identification.
-We practice indoor and outdoor motor skills.

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Bamboo Shoots Immersion School's Photo

Bamboo Shoots Immersion School

836 Mountain Ave, Westfield, NJ

Costimate: $219/wk

Bamboo Shoots
Giving our children the advantage of a second language. We provide a progressive, multicultural education that is ideal for preparing our children, tomorrow's leaders, for an international future. We offer a Bilingual environment in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English which provides an accelerated, activity-based curriculum for children ages birth to 2nd grade. We provide a variety of innovative, language immersion school experiences for our youngest learners. Children spend their day immersed in rich vocabulary and academic curriculum where bilingual education materials are presented in a fun and engaging way.

Our Teachers
Our certified teachers optimize a diverse learning environment and implement a custom-tailored curriculum using a hands-on approach. They combine both individual as well as group learning activities throughout children's busy day. They are passionate and committed to ensuring your child will be safe, nurtured and cared for every day. At school children are routinely encouraged to engage in interest-led play that makes learning a meaningful and authentic experience.

Our Classrooms
A peaceful environment lies at the core of our classrooms. They provide our children with plenty of opportunities for hands on learning, creative play, imagination and socialization. Children spend their day in a mix of individual and group activities. Each day includes time for open ended learning experiences such as art, music & movement, story time and language. Activities such as the rice table, art studio, dress up, imaginative play and yoga not only build concentration and focus, they're fun too.

Sample Daily Schedule
7:00 Early Bird Drop Off
9:00 Morning Music Class- Piano
9:30 Circle Time - Morning Meeting
10:00 Snack Time, Socialization
10:30 Specials- (Language, Science, Around the World, Yoga)
11:30 Art Studio
12:15 Lunch / Clean Up
12:40 Nap (ages 1.5 to 3)
2:30 Sensory Centers - Story-time
2:40 Computers
3:15 Closing Circle
3:30 After School Activities

Safety & Security
We take very seriously the well-being of your child and work hard to provide an optimal and healthy environment. To ensure the safety, security, and well being of the children in our care, we have detailed procedures and policies in place. These procedures are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure they reflect the most current safety and security practices. Our belief is that you can never be too careful when caring for children.
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