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Smarty Pants Playschool Licensed Home Daycare's Photo

Smarty Pants Playschool Licensed Home Daycare

2285 Hudson Cir, Aurora, IL

Starting at $250/wk

Smarty Pants Playschool is a licensed home daycare that operates Monday-Friday, 7am to 5pm. As our photos show, the kids are having fun while learning. I'm proud to be called Miss Rochelle, the owner of Smarty Pants Playschool.

My home has been transformed into my daycare center with attention to detail providing a safe, loving, caring and (non-smoking) environment with the objective of making learning fun through creative and innovation that comes from over 15 years experience serving my kids. (I'm sure my parents don't mind me calling them my kids because we are family.) I have excellent rapport with all my daycare parents and they have rated me the highest ratings as indicated in my reviews.

The kids I care for are lovingly supervised by me. My qualifications simply stated are:
*Early Childhood Education Degree,
*Current Type 04 Certificate,
*15+ years of experience,
*DCFS Licensed,
*CPR and First Aid Certified,
*DCFS Approved Continuing Education Classes.

Here at Smarty Pants, my kids are provided with:
Nutritious meals,
Fun, loving and nurturing environment,
Attention to each individual students' cognitive, physical and emotional needs,
Weekly themes and activities,
Learning is made fun and exciting,
Interest seeking nature walks.

It is my goal to ensure that all of my students are performing at their highest potential. With my commitment and dedication, my students are definitely prepared for kindergarten.

My students are reading, writing, counting to 100, using tally marks to add and subtract, telling time using a digital and analog clock. They know how to tie their shoe laces and use sign language as well. I utilize the Hooked on Phonics Program, ABC Mouse, Bob Books and Khan Academy and much more.

I invite you to call to set up a time to visit our daycare to see for yourself.

*Note: If you need evening or weekend care, that can be arranged individually.
~Parents Approved Photos~
Smart Beginnings Childcare's Photo

Smart Beginnings Childcare

4105 Healthway Drive, Aurora, IL

Costimate: $220/wk

At Smart Beginnings child care we have the philosophy that "If a child can't learn the way we teach, we teach them the way they learn." We strive towards using our medical backgrounds to develop plans to nurture the mind, heart and the body of a child through education and physical activity. Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which a rigorous curriculum is taught, while our specialized gym provides opportunities for physical development and growth.

As part of our goal to keep you involved in your child's progress, our teachers will keep you informed of their activities and their routines, and any changes made to them. Not only will you get updates on what they learned throughout the day, but also updates on their behavior and their interactions with other children, their eating habits, their interests and any/all academic achievements/milestones.

Although our door is open to you, to walk in and to check on your child and our services at any time, we have also created a handbook to familiarize you with our policies and guidelines of our school, which will be provided to you at the time of enrollment. The policies and guidelines within the handbook adhere to the state licensing standards, Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and their accreditation standards, along with guidance from various practicing physicians.

If you have any questions or concerns about the guidelines and policies of our organization, we encourage you to come and speak with us, and we will gladly have our Director or one of our Board Members provide you with clarification on any topic, or answer any questions you may have. If any changes, or revisions, are made to the guidelines and policies we will be sure to provide you with prior notice, and reasonable time before the policy takes effect or impacts your child and you.

Again, we look forward to having you be part of our Smart family, and putting your child in our capable hands. We hope that our relationship will be a fruitful and harmonious one, and mutually beneficial - we hope to create lifelong relationships with you and your child. Come and grow with us...

Our new curriculum now includes Spanish, sign language, music and yoga.

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Active Childcare's Photo

Active Childcare

1607 Legacy Cir, Naperville, IL

Costimate: $286/wk

Active Childcare is founded on the principle that physical activity and free-play are the critical processes through which children learn. These processes, in conjunction with traditional classroom teaching, are the most effective way to develop the long-term critical thinking and social skills necessary for school and life beyond.

The environment at Active Childcare is a child's dream. We have a five-level climbing structure, a huge inflatables area, huge open indoor fields, as well as the traditional outdoor playgrounds. These areas afford the children year-round opportunities to run, play, compete, cooperate, and develop the foundation for the social and emotional skills needed in life.

Our classroom environment complements our learning environment. Each classroom has nine areas where children have opportunities to explore and learn on their own and/or with guidance from the teachers: science & sensory, art, literacy, music, computer, dramatic play, manipulatives, and blocks. Free-play in these areas is interspersed with traditional learning techniques to optimize the cognitive learning environment for your child.

At Active Childcare, we are focused on developing the social, emotional, and cognitive skills of your child. It is the combination of these skills that prepares them for school and lays the foundation for life ahead. So much research has been conducted recently connecting the positive educational benefits of physical activity, and we are excited to be on the forefront of implementing these strategies into an educational environment. Active Childcare is a place like no other, where your child can run, play, learn, and develop all year long!


Provide a unique learning environment to empower our students to achieve their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical potential.


Deliver a positive educational experience that builds self-confidence, engenders mutual respect, develops social skills, nurtures intelligence, and builds life skills.

Core Principles

Focus on developing cognitive skills through hands-on activities
Activity and movement are essential to intellectual and physical development
Teaching by assisting children in learning for themselves
Create a community conducive to children building friendships
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