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Cat trainers in Bronx, NY

Shantasia B.'s Photo

Shantasia B.

Bronx, NY

$16-21/hr7 yrs exp

I have grown up with animals my entire life. Starting out with cats, dogs, turtles and fish, I also took interest in exotic animals such as snakes, birds and frogs. Caring for animals has been my life-long ambition. In addition to caring for my personal pets, I help care for animals such as big cats, birds of prey, and several...
Shantasia can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting
Passionate and responsible pet lover with experience in dog and cat sitting. Dedicated to providing exceptional care and ensuring the well-being of furry companions. 2. Skills: - Proficient in feeding, walking, and playing with dogs and cats - Experienced in administering medications and following specific dietary...
Jenniffer can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking
Yue C.'s Photo

Yue C.

Long Island City, NY

$15-30/hr5 yrs exp

Your Go-To Kitty Sitter

Hired by 6 families in your neighborhood

Hello! As a cat lover with ample love to give, I promise to care for your pets as if they were my own. I've volunteered at animal and cat-only shelters for several years and am familiar with rescue behavioral sensitivities, administering medicine, cleaning up messes, and all the surprises cats manage to think up. I take care of...
Yue can also help with: Boarding, pet sitting, pet walking, administration of medicine
"Yue spent 4 days with my sweet baby kitty. She is really a responsible and reliable girl, very polite and well educated and who knows how to do her job, a great job. She kept me updated on how things were going on and we always had great communication. Thank you...

Serena C.

Madeline S.'s Photo

Madeline S.

New York, NY

$15-20/hr2 yrs exp

Reliable And Attentive Pet Sitter

I am a pet lover who has had 1 dog and 4 cats over the years. I have experience pet sitting small-large dogs as well as cats. I am an engaging and attentive pet sitter who enjoys long walks & playtime. I have experience with newborn pets as well as aging pets so I am able to adapt my behaviors to meet their needs and ensure they...
Madeline can also help with: Pet sitting
Michelle T.'s Photo

Michelle T.

Little Ferry, NJ

$22-40/hr10 yrs exp

Vet Tech, Dog Daycare, Pet Sitter Extraordinaire!

Hired by 10 families in your neighborhood

I have been working in the Veterinary field since February 2012. I was a vet assistant to all types, sizes & personalities of dogs & cats for 4 years. In May 2016 I became a vet tech at another animal hospital that also sees exotic pets ranging from birds to small mammals to reptiles. I also have dog daycare experience. I...
Michelle can also help with: Pet transportation, pet sitting, administration of medicine, boarding, pet walking
"Gotta say that my puppy doesn't adapt very easily and is not a huge fan of strangers.. but she loves staying at Michelle's! Not only that, but she is the most caring sitter I've ever found for my puppy! I trust her to take the best care of my little fur baby...

Amanda L.

Laila S.'s Photo

Laila S.

Brooklyn, NY

$28-30/hr10 yrs exp

A Cat Rescuer Who Loves Dogs!

Hired by 2 families in your neighborhood

Hi I'm Laila! I've been caring for cats and dogs for over 10 years. From extensive experience as a pet sitter and rescuer I have a good understanding of various animal behaviors, body language, and temperaments. I'm also knowledgeable about common pet health issues, basic first aid, and administering medication (including...
Laila can also help with: Pet sitting, grooming, pet walking

Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified

"Laila is a pleasure to work with. Great communication and my dogs seemed to love her! 10 out of 10 "

Care member

Rebecca G.'s Photo

Rebecca G.

Brooklyn, NY

$15-30/hr10 yrs exp

I am a friendly animal lover with 2 years of professional dog walking and training experience, and over 9 years experience with pet sitting and care. I grew up with a dog and two cats, and since then my love of animals has only grown. I worked for a family dog walking business in Boston, where we leash trained puppies and older...
Rebecca can also help with: Pet sitting, dog training, administration of medicine, pet walking
"Rebecca worked for my dog walking company in Boston for about 2 years with some breaks to follow her career to other cities and continents. It's a testament to her dedication to dog care that she returned to us each time and proof of her professional skills and...

Elle M.

Dana P.'s Photo

Dana P.

Brooklyn, NY

$20-35/hr7 yrs exp

Animal Companion To All - Moved To NYC A Couple Months Ago!

My care is best for dogs with hyperactivity, challenging behavior, or need for frequent companionship - as I can be home all day if preferred! I worked at a dog/cat shelter for three years and have been surrounded my pets my whole life - knew my best friend (Izzy the cat) for 16 years, and now make frequent visits to my nieces...
Dana can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking
"Dana is an animal lover through and through. She often takes care of my dog and is a phenomenal babysitter for her! She is super dependable and kind. I would (and do) trust her with my dog."

Care member

Lydia B.'s Photo

Lydia B.

New York, NY

$10-15/hr5 yrs exp

Hello! My name is Lydia! I am currently seeking opportunities to care for your pets in NYC. I have experience as the Resort Manager for a luxury Pet Resort that focused on boarding, daycare, grooming, and training. While there, I was provided exceptional training and experience caring for dogs and cats with many different...
Lydia can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting
Timothy M.'s Photo

Timothy M.

Brooklyn, NY

$15-30/hr3 yrs exp

I grew up around animals and have extensive experience training and caring for horses, dogs and cats. I am fascinated by animal behavior and find supporting animals and their caretakers as they work through behavior challenges to be greatly rewarding. I also just love animals and am always happy for a chance to love on pets...
Timothy can also help with: Dog training, pet sitting, grooming, pet walking
Grace T.'s Photo

Grace T.

New York, NY


Cheerful Cat Whisperer

I grew up with a cat, Farfalla, that I adored beyond belief, she was the perfect companion for 16 long years. My grandmother began fostering kittens in 2014 and I've helped her care for over 50 cats and kittens. I learned everything I could about feline behavior and psychology, and fell even more in love with these delightful...
Grace can also help with: Boarding, pet sitting
Noora S.'s Photo

Noora S.

New York, NY

$25-32/hr3 yrs exp

Compassionate Pet Sitter: Devoted To Pampering Your Furry Friends

I offer professional cat sitting services in the comfort of your own home. With a deep understanding of feline behavior and a wealth of knowledge acquired through extensive research since welcoming my own cat into my life two years ago, I bring valuable experience to the care of your beloved pets. At present, I am a proud...
Noora can also help with: Pet walking, pet sitting, grooming
I promise you that your pets are guaranteed to receive the best care and attention while you are away thanks to my knowledgeable understanding of animal behavior and safety protocols, along with my fundamental knowledge of dog and cat CPR. My services are tailored to meet each pet's unique needs; they include anything from...
Kemoy can also help with: Pet walking, daily feeding, pet sitting

Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified

Katisha S.'s Photo

Katisha S.

Flushing, NY

$20-50/hr3 yrs exp

Passionate pet enthusiast with a wealth of experience in pet care and companionship. Whether walking dogs, providing loving cat care, or offering specialized attention to various animals, I bring a blend of compassion and expertise to ensure the well-being of furry friends. A dedicated advocate for animal welfare, I prioritize...
Katisha can also help with: Pet walking, grooming, pet sitting, pet transportation, boarding
My experience as a cat sitter extends beyond basic caregiving tasks. I am skilled in administering medications, if required, and adept at recognizing signs of distress or illness, ensuring your cat's health and well-being are always a top priority. Additionally, I am well-versed in handling various temperaments and behaviors,...
Kylee can also help with: Pet sitting
Cayce C.'s Photo

Cayce C.

Hoboken, NJ

$15-35/hr10 yrs exp

Experienced Animal Caretaker With Flexible Schedule

I provide dog, cat sitting in your own home. I'm an experienced caretaker as I have had animals since I was 5 years old (mainly boxers, bulldogs, and Labradors. I've worked with all breeds, behavioral issues, and multiple animals at a time. I have great references, and can also perform baths, light grooming, medication...
Cayce can also help with: Administration of medicine, pet walking, dog training, grooming, pet sitting

Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified

Aliyah N.'s Photo

Aliyah N.

Brooklyn, NY

$13-18/hr1 yrs exp

I have loved animals and pets my whole life. I have had both cats and dogs at all ages, and have had experience with different behavioral and medical needs. Since moving to New York I have been doing dog walking and pet sitting with the app Rover, and gained even more experience with the area and pet owners from around here. My...
Aliyah can also help with: Pet sitting, pet walking, administration of medicine
I absolutely love animals. I grew up with dogs and cats and currently have a dog but I'm interested in working with any type of animal. My dog is a rescue and has some fear related behavioral issues that we've been working on for a couple of years now. As a result, I'm comfortable taking on a pet with some challenges.
Elizabeth can also help with: Pet transportation, pet sitting, pet walking
William C.'s Photo

William C.

New York, NY

$15-50/hr1 yrs exp

Caring Care-giver

I am 62 and between jobs as a contract Technical Writer. I live alone in midtown Manhattan. My cat passed away a few years ago, and I miss caring for her. A real diva she was, and I was purrfectly ok with that :). My brother had 2 cats, my sister 3 cats, and we had 2 dogs growing up; I loved all the pets deeply. I believe I...
William can also help with: Pet sitting, boarding
Muskan B.'s Photo

Muskan B.

Brooklyn, NY

$16-18/hr1 yrs exp

Affectionate & Fun Loving Personality

I have a genuine love for animals, experience in pet care, and a strong understanding of canine behavior. I have been taking care of my friends cats & dog in Indiana for few months, my responsibilities include feeding, grooming, exercising, and providing companionship to our cats/dogs, ensuring their safety and well-being at all...
Muskan can also help with: Pet sitting, boarding

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Recent cat trainer reviews from local pet parents in Bronx, NY

Yue C.


Yue truly loves animals - and it really shows! She did an amazing job with my two sensitive senior cats when I was away on vacation. She keeps in touch every single day, and never left me wondering or worried. I will definitely hire Yue again, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for...

- Maryterese R.

Michelle T.


Michelle watched our dog when we were out of the country for an entire 2 weeks for our honeymoon. She took the absolute best care of our dog baby! She kept in touch daily with pictures and updates. She was there every single time we asked her to be to care 100% for our dog. She followed every...

- Amanda L.

Laila S.


Laila babysat my two dogs (doodles with separation anxiety) for 3 weeks and she did an amazing job of taking care of them and our house while we were gone! She followed every instruction in great detail and went above and beyond to make sure they were happy the whole time. They absolutely loved...

- Care member

Rebecca G.


Rebecca was everything I could've hoped for when she watched my dog Olly. She was attentive, detail-oriented, and in consistent communication with me while dog sitting. Each day Rebecca would send me pictures and updates of what they had done or how Olly was doing. Her questions show how engaged she...

- Harry S.

Dana P.


Dana has cared for her own cat before as well as taken care of her sister's dog whenever necessary. She also volunteered at an animal shelter, where I visited at times to go on walks with the dogs. She loves animals and does the best for them when she is given the responsibility!

- Care member

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