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Photo for Babysitter Needed For Baby Boy Almost 3 Months

Babysitter Needed For Baby Boy Almost 3 Months

Full Time
My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment. We can provide snacks if needed just let us know ahead of time. I work at a wine bar, they need me to be there a lot more now. My husband works at a restaurant. You are more than welcome to watch TV if you get bored and be on your phone. We have WiFi. If my baby cries it's because he wants his Mr. Giraffe (pacifier), hungry, needs a diaper change, is uncomfortable, and needs attention. He mainly cries for food and Mr. Giraffe. Therefore he doesn't cry a lot. My husband and I would be extremely happy for watching our baby boy. Our ideal caregiver: I would love for the caregiver to love my baby boy as much as I do. I do not want judgement on the way we do things considering this is my husband and I first baby. He is a good baby. He is still learning everything. I would like for the caregiver to be watching him at all times considering he is just almost 3 months. I would love a quick summary when we get back home. It doesn't have to be written. My husband and I both work late until 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. Most likely my husband gets off before me so around 11 p.m. he will be home. We both go into work around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. We have my baby on a routine. He gets a feeding 5 oz every 4 hours starts at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm, 12 am, don't force him to eat. For changing he just needs diaper rash cream put on. 8 p.m. he needs a bath to it can inform him it's bedtime. Bath time is optional. Cleaning is optional. Additional needs include light housekeeping, having a reliable car and a non-smoker. Looking for a caregiver for my infant son. My schedule may vary.
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