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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 1991
Total Employees: 2-10

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Monday :
7:30AM - 6:00PM
Tuesday :
7:30AM - 6:00PM
Wednesday :
7:30PM - 6:00PM
Thursday :
7:30AM - 6:00PM
Friday :
7:30AM - 6:00PM
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Program Details

Child Care Center/Day Care Center
Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K)

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
All Ages $ 1,725 per month --
*availability last updated on 11/22/2014
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
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  • Credit Card

Ratings & Reviews

( 1)
Shocking experience

We sent our daughter to regard for 2.5 years which makes what I'm about to tell everyone so hard to believe and really make you question the character and personality of the owner / lead teacher Julie Rymer. Two years after our daughter left regard we enrolled our 3 year old son. He passed Julies "readiness" assessment first time with no comments from Julie (yes she requires a readiness assessment for all kids before accepting them). His first day at daycare, went into the school, he didn't cry for his Mom, got on well with kids. We even got one of Julie's very "touching" emails about how well he is doing with some pictures. Then when my wife picks him up, he is crying and she (Julie) sends a very pointed email to me and my wife indicating that he started crying when they asked him to tidy up and refused to do it. Oh and that we need to "talk to him". The email was a lot longer than this. I thought it was pretty harsh to send an email of this nature after his first day seeing as we are talking about a 3 year who has never been to a school before. I think most people would agree. Anyway, This is the expectation she sets. He does fine on days 2,3 and 4 (based on the fact she didn't send us a nasty email). Day 5, another nasty email, very long, this time saying he talks over other children etc and that if this continues she would have to consider removing him from the school and that we should "talk to him". Yes I did say day 5. So I had heard from other parents that she (Julie) has done this before with families and effectively either removed them or forced them into voluntarily moving their kids out because of the constant nasty grams but with our daughter not even a peep so we never really asked about it. Anyway, I thought sending two nasty grams after just 5 days at regard was a bit much so I sent what I think was a pointed but polite note suggesting that I think her and her team of should try to work with him as would me and my wife of course and then maybe in a month or two evaluate if we need to move him out. I was quite upset that she suggested removing him after just 5 days especially with the history we have with the school. I said I'd like to come in person to discuss the situation and figure out best way forward. Her response was that she was "concerned" at the tone of my email. The next day, without so much as a phone call to me or my wife (again bear in mind we had 2.5 years of history with her and the school) she sent us a termination notice effectively immediately. She kicked my son out of her school because of a combo of 2 bad days for a 3 yr old and a pointed email from a concerned dad. I showed my email to many people, every single one said you were very professional and it should not have been used as a tool to remove your son which is basically what she did. It gets worse - I called immediately after receipt of her email to try and discuss this with her, one of her teachers answered, I asked to talk to Julie and initially she said let me find her and then came back awkwardly on the phone and said she is not here. Within 5 mins another email (seems be Julie's preferred method of communication) suggesting that her teacher was "shaken" by my phone call and not to call again. She wouldn't even talk to me. At this point I thought I was on a tv show waiting for someone to pop out and tell me this was a joke but unfortunately not. This was very, very sadly real. Now ask yourselves this question - would you want someone who treats people in this horrible way teaching your kids important values that will stick with them forever? She Couldnt even pick up the phone to talk to us before doing what she did and we had a pre existing relationship with the school, it's not like she just met us. Whether my son was appropriate for this school can be debated (btw he's doing great at his new school without a single Complaint so that gives you some indication), but the way she treated us was absolutely shocking and disappointing.
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