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Palm Valley Montessori

629 N. Sarival Ave., Goodyear, AZ 85338

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Palm Valley Montessori offers a genuine Montessori education. The curriculum is diverse and integrated. The Montessori method of instruction is truly a hands-on approach to learning where the student is fully engaged. Each skill or concept is introduced with an accompanying material specifically designed to guide the child to discovery and mastery. The four foundations of any Montessori classroom are:

Practical Life- The lessons in this category enable the child to care for himself and his environment. They are also known as the independence lessons. From these simple tasks, the young child builds concentration, self-confidence, motor skills, and autonomy. Exercises in this category include washing a table, arranging flowers, preparing vegetables, lacing a shoe, setting a table, and greeting guests. Once the child has mastered these activities he is ready to advance to the more complex lessons of language and mathematics.

Sensorial- All five senses are engaged in Montessori education. Dr. Montessori noted that "development of the senses precedes that of superior intellectual activity." The sensorial materials train children to discriminate the differences in forms, colors, textures and smells. The child refines the use of his senses and develops critical thinking, concentration, and sequencing skills. Some examples of the sensorial lessons include the pink tower, baric tablets, tasting jars, constructive triangles, and superimposed geometric figures.

Language- Children are capable of using sounds to "build" words before they can physically write. Therefore, Montessori classrooms use a moveable alphabet so the child can literally combine the sounds to form words and sentences. Reading is taught by guiding the child to discover that sounds make words and those sounds have symbols. The Montessori environment emphasizes the importance of vocabulary with stories, songs, poems, plays, and conversation. The child learns not only to read and write, but to fully express himself through language. Activities in language include sound games, sandpaper letters, phonograms, logical adverb game, and simple sentences with extensions, attributes, and appositions.

Mathematics- A love of mathematics will develop naturally if the young child is allowed to discover mathematical truths in the concrete and then apply those truths to the abstract. First, the child learns the symbol and the quantity for numbers. Next, mathematical processes are taught using the decimal system. Some examples of Montessori mathematics lessons include number rods and cards, formation of complex numbers with beads and cards, dynamic multiplication, linear counting, long division with boards and racks, and introduction to fractions.

The Montessori child also receives exposure in the Arts, Sciences, and Culture. Geography, history, botany, zoology, art, and music are all integral parts of the curriculum. The students study an artist and a composer of the month.

Diversity is treasured in the Montessori classroom. Foods, music, dress, language, art, and celebrations from cultures beyond our Western world are introduced to students so they are prepared to be citizens of the world.

Grace and courtesy, peace education, character development, gardening and outdoor activities, and movement education are also stressed in the Montessori primary environment. Children at this level of development are particularly adept to absorb these lessons.

Full and extended day students also benefit from weekly Spanish, music, art, and yoga classes.

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629 N. Sarival Ave., Goodyear, AZ 85338

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