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Senior Health Care Services

Davis Lane, Avondale, AZ

We collaborate with the Patients PCP
and Caregiver to coordinate and deliver
necessary services.

~Transport Patient to their doctor
appointment when family is not
~Sit with patient and doctor at
appointment to discuss patient care.
~Report office visit via email to POA/
Wellness Director/Care Home Owner.
(Hourly rate + mileage)

We can provide financial services
including budgeting, bill pay,record
keeping, setting financial goals,
money management and debt plan.
(Ask for pricing)

Life can be very busy and days go quickly for families on the
go, leading to guilty feelings of not seeing their aging loved
one as much as they d like to. This also leads to depression
and loneliness in elderly residents that are unable to see
their families on a consistent basis. This Service has been
created for family members to get that face time with their
loved one that is residing alone or in assisted living and
Independent living communities. We use modern technology
to keep families connected. Via Skype or Face Book, We will
set up sessions with families and their loved one and create
a plan to keep families connected on a consistent basis.
(Ask for package pricing)

This service was created for the families who live too far to
stop in and visit their loved one residing in assisted living
communities and care homes, yet they wish they could send
someone to check on mom or dad and take them something
cheerful. Families can choose from a simple vase bouquet of
flowers or a small basket of their favorite things. This is not
just a delivery! We will have a short visit and report back to
family via email with a picture on how mom or dad is doing
for the day.
(Ask for Pricing)
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