DuPont Montessori by WGCN

1460 Wilmington Drive Suite 130
Dupont, WA 98327

DuPont Montessori by WGCN

1460 Wilmington Drive Suite 130, Dupont, WA 98327
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Awards & Accreditations
Our faculty holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in several different areas of education in order to bring you an exceptionally well rounded, nurturing, effective instructional team.
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  • Child Care Center/Day Care Center,
  • Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K),
  • Kindergarten
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  • Summer care / camp,
  • Special needs care
  • Developmental (Play-Based),
  • Academic,
  • Montessori,
  • Special Needs,
  • Outdoor/Nature,
  • Waldorf,
  • Reggio Emilia
  • English
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At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.
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Ratings & Reviews
Yien F
We love the creative curriculum and teaching styles. The small groups meant more individualized teaching and student are encouraged to express their curiosity and opinions. My son loved science facts from Mr. Travis, and sewing projects with Ms. Stephanie.
My children attended WGCN Academies for four years and grew in many ways. The school model is amazingly unique and effective. The kids learned through curiosity, interest, play, and projects that integrate all of the senses. The community is a true family--an extension of home where our kids were able to move beyond their world into another place that was safe, supportive, fun and loving. Each of my children grew a passion for learning--a fire that was ignited--that has forever changed their lives.
Our son currently attends WGCN and it has been nothing short of a miracle. Neurological and medical diagnosis' had caused our son so much anxiety in public school that he eventually refused to go. When we changed to a new therapist (out of many) WGCN was highly recommended. I also received amazing reviews from one of my good friends whose children have attended.
After working with Stephanie and the other teachers, he is so excited he can't wait to go and learn. The way children at WGCN gain knowledge in such a unique and highly effective manner makes all the difference to our family (the low student/teacher ratio is a HUGE bonus!) Using a brain-based and multi-sensory approach allows our son to receive an education he would not be able to receive elsewhere. The teachers themselves are patient, motivated, and able to teach and engage each child with their individual needs in mind.
In the encouraging and accepting environment, our son's anxiety has reduced tremendously. Teachers and other children have helped him to feel like he can be himself and he is growing socially as well as academically. We have been amazed at the progress he has gained and feel WGCN has been essential in ensuring our son is in the best position for continued success, both academically and socially.
We believe WGCN to have been a life changer for our family and recommend it highly.
Eva B
I am a mother of 3 boys which 2 of them had the opportunity to experience growing up in "Mrs. Stephanie's" world as they always refer her as. Stephanie has so much love and passion in educating our young ones you can see it in their smiles when they get out of class. We loved our 5 years experience at the WGCN!
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Thank you!!!!
Shella H
My oldest son attended here when the school was in the first year of operation. He received a well rounded education during the 2 1/2 years he was able to attend before we moved. WGCN is truly a unique and wonderful environment for a child to learn in. It met and surpassed all my expectations for a preschool.
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Thank you!!!
Terry L
WGCN holds a very special place in the heart of our family. We have 4 children who all attended WGCN. Our oldest was a part of this amazing community for 6 years. Our middle attended for 5. The youngest are twins who had the privilege of learning there for 3 years. When we left Washington state 2 years ago the hardest part about leaving was saying goodbye to WGCN.

As a parent, I feel that our children got the best possible environment for learning. The things they loved they were encouraged to flourish in. The things that were hard, they had more attention to help them understand. Embracing the different learning styles and personality traits of each student was a beautiful part of this educational community. My children learned to appreciate the differences among their peers and how to encourage others in their areas of talent. Wow! I just can't say enough about what my children learned that went above and beyond the incredible academic opportunities they were given. My children loved to learn and learned to love others in all of their uniqueness.

As a certified science teacher, I had the privilege of teaching at WGCN on occasion and from an educators viewpoint I can only say "two thumbs up!" It was beautiful to watch the other teachers pour into the children. It was amazing to see what the children were capable of learning just because they had been given the opportunity.

WGCN is an amazing place and we are very thankful for the time that our family had to be a part of such a phenomenal community! It gives me joy to see the new and exciting things that WGCN is doing. If you are looking for a place where your child will be nutured for who they are and given opportunities to grow and shine, WGCN is the place for you.
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Yulia P
We had blasted with WGCN thank you guys for everything you have thought to my daughter
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Thank you!
Hylan H
Best. School. Ever.

We're a military family who moved to this area when our daughter was 18 months; right as it became apparent that she had significant developmental delays. I was directed to WGCN through a friend, and knew right away that it was the program I wanted for my daughter. For the past three years, this school has nurtured and guided my daughter. She has made significant developmental progress during her time in this program, and absolutely loves the other students and teachers. Stephanie has also been a major source of support and guidance for me, as I began to navigate the medical and educational systems in this area.

My son (who is developing typically) entered the school last year. His vocabulary, ability to attend to tasks and lessons, and understanding of the world around him is far beyond what most 2 1/2 year olds exhibit. I fully credit this program for his developmental growth.

Stephanie has an amazing ability to see the unique gifts and talents of each child. Her knowledge of how to foster these talents, as well as address areas that need additional support, is unparalleled. For our family, this has been more than just a school... it has been a guide on a sometimes uncertain road. The calming voice of reason. An objective view always ready when I need it most. I can't imagine sending my children anywhere else.
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Thank YOU. This was incredibly beautiful for us to read.
Our son and daughter have gone to summer school/camp here for the past three years. They love it every time. Individualized attention, caring staff, it has everything you could want. We relied heavily on them when our son was diagnosed with ADHD and we were navigating the school system on how to best support him. Stephanie came to meetings at the school with us, helped us put together a solid 504 plan for our son and generally helped me figure out how best to support him in a traditional school setting. I couldn't have done it without their help. Thank you WGCN!
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Thank you!!!!
Kate B
This program is where our family started our academic journey with our children. We learned as parents how to best support their growth, and the kids received a great foundation that follows them through to today (years later). This helped us to develop problem solvers that are motivated to pursue learning independently with the resilience to dedicate themselves to purpose even when it gets difficult or frustrating. Thank you, WGCN!
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Thank You!!!
The T
Our son has been going to this school since he was two.He comes home everyday knowing something new with such a huge vocabulary. He does one and one daily and loves it. Not only is he being supported we as parents are being supported as well. This isn't only a school for your child but the love and support you get as a parent is amazing. This school has been a true blessing for us as a family.
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Thank you, thank you!
Michelle A
My daughter has been attending WGCN for almost a year now and it has indeed changed her life. She was very hesitant about leaving mom and starting school but all the teachers addressed her needs fully, are kind and compassionate, and now she cannot wait to go to school every day. She has 1:1 with a teacher for reading, math, and writing, enjoys her small groups lessons and especially the specials teachers who come teach art, music, and dance. WGCN works with parents to discuss any needs or concerns and is always on top of the children's progress and working individually with the students to meet goals. Simply cannot say enough positive things about this school, or the staff who are all incredibly patient, kind and fully understand child development.
Reply from DuPont Montessori by WGCN
Thank you Michelle!
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