At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 1990
Total Employees: 1
Awards & Accreditations
CDA Child Development Associate


State license status: CURRENT ( verified on 9/14/2022)
This business has satisfied Massachusetts's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on Massachusetts's licensing website.
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  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements

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At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.
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Ratings & Reviews

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Lindsay R
We enthusiastically recommend Bouncing Bunnies Family Daycare! Our children have been with Karen since they were very young, my son since 18 months and daughter since 4 months. It's really hard to find a good place you feel safe bringing your children to, that feels like family. Karen provides an environment of learning through play, which we find has helped our children develop and learn by doing. Karen takes good care to share both milestones and challenges and works with our kids to encourage independence and discovery. Karen sends home a day sheet documenting our children's activities, what they learned and did, any milestones, (whether or not they actually ate their lunch even!), and she always sends pictures of sweet moments during the day. Karen reinforces important skills like empathy, respect, resilience and problem solving as well as age appropriate skills like reading and writing. I could not be happier with Karen's services and would highly recommend her!
Josh B
We enthusiastically recommend Bouncing Bunnies Daycare for your child[ren]. Finding someone with whom to entrust those you love is a daunting task; however, if you are fortunate enough to get a spot with Bouncing Bunnies it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your child[ren].
Karen will help ensure your child is meeting, usually exceeding, milestones and provide guidance if not. Your child will be in a nurturing environment with ample opportunities to learn through play and spend even more time developing a love for reading. Your child[ren] will learn skills such as problem solving, resilience, empathy, respect, and much more requisite for maximizing your child[ren]'s potential. In addition to being amazing with our children, Karen is an invaluable resource for the many unforeseen situations that you will encounter as a parent.
The only conceivable downsides of Bouncing Bunnies Daycare are that your children will not want to go home at the end of the day and the now regular forlorn intimations "I miss Karen" and "I want to go to daycare."
Hillary B
It is my pleasure to highly recommend Karen Peterson at Bouncing Bunnies Daycare as a childcare provider. My daughter has been attending Bouncing Bunnies for over two years now and I have been amazed by how she has developed socially, emotionally, and academically with the help of Karen's "learning through play" style of care.
Finding a childcare provider can be a daunting task. I interviewed several home daycare providers and daycare centers. No one impressed me more than Karen Peterson. As an elementary school teacher myself, I was looking for some very specific qualities in a daycare for my own children. I wanted a teacher who would provide my kids with learning oppurtunities, creative activities, social experiences, all while feeling loved. Bouncing Bunnies does exactly that.
Karen has extensive knowledge about child development and early childhood education. Through her knowledge and her experience as a daycare provider she has managed to weave teachable moments throughout the entire day. I am so impressed by how Karen uses her to provide activities that will challenge each child and help them reach the milestones they are working on. I really value how well she knows each child in her care and how she tailors their day to both challenge and support them. Karen makes it a point to prioritize "outside time" and gross motor development. The kids spend a good chunk of time learning and playing together outside everyday which is so valuable. My daughter comes home showing off art projects, teaching me her songs, and telling me about the books she read at Bouncing Bunnies.
Another thing that I greatly appreciate about Karen is how much she communicates about my daughter's day. Each day I receive a "Day Sheet" which describes her general mood throughout the day, her eating and sleeping schedule and a few sentences about what she enjoyed that day. It is so helpful to have all of this in writing so that if someone else picks up in the afternoon, I still know the information about her day. Also, it allows me to connect with my daughter and ask specific questions about her day.
In closing, I simply cannot say enough positive things about Karen and Bouncing Bunnies Daycare. I feel lucky that my daughter was able to attend a daycare where she was able to have so many rich experiences. I cannot believe how she has grown, developed, and learned under Karen's care. If you are looking for a daycare for your child, you will not regret going with Bouncing Bunnies Daycare.
We would like to enthusiastically recommend Bouncing Bunnies Family Day Care, as we have many praises to sing about our experience. Our daughter has been in Karen's care since she was 3 months old. For the past few years, bringing her to Bouncing Bunnies has always felt safe and comfortable. Now the she is preschool age, she is able to tell us about the excitement of her day and seeing her friends.
Throughout each age and stage, we have always been at ease while our daughter has been in Karen's care. Karen maintains a safe, clean, happy environment where it is obvious that the children enjoy being in her company- on many occasions at pick up time, our daughter is usually disappointed that it is time to leave- this has always allowed for great peace of mind for us, as it is nice to know and feel that our child is so content during the day while we are away at work. Each day at pick-up we receive a day-sheet to tell us about that day's experience including meals, naps, activities, stories read, and even some anecdotes from the day. This probably goes without saying, but we are beyond satisfied with the level of attentiveness and organization on Karen's part.
Another noteworthy strength is Karen's knack for facilitating opportunities for the children to gain skills for independence. She creates fun ways for the children to practice proper hand-washing, putting on their jackets, and use sign-language to communicate their needs. Karen integrates thematic songs with stories into each day and truly shares her love of literature. It is such a happy, healthy environment for fostering friendship and fair-play among the other children in a very family-oriented setting.
Additionally, throughout our years at Bouncing Bunnies, we value Karen's advice on various care-giving related topics such as feeding, heath, routines, development, and milestones. As a mother of four children and over twenty years experience of running a daycare, there are very few things that she hasn't seen. She is certainly a reliable source of information, and we continue to heed her insight.
Karen's commitment to the children and her level of expertise is beyond measure. We enthusiastically recommend Bouncing Bunnies Family Day Care, as it is truly a wonderful place. We are happy to answer any questions or speak more about our experience at Bouncing Bunnies.
Laura H
It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Karen Peterson (Bouncing Bunnies Daycare) in regards to caring for your children.
We had the pleasure of first meeting Karen during an interview. At that time our family had just moved into the area so we had to quickly switch providers from our previous location. We scheduled many interviews (nannies, in-home daycares, and daycare centers) and nothing seemed to fit our needs well. As first time parents, we were nervous and our concerns were only increasing. We were looking for what most parents look for in a daycare: a clean and safe learning environment, a caring and attentive provider, and a little something extra. I knew that I wanted to work, but had difficult feelings about leaving our baby with someone other than me. Upon meeting Karen, I knew that she would be "the one". She is just over the top outstanding. She has taken care of our infant daughter for eight months now and we are so thrilled with her services.

I am a clinical psychologist and because of my training, certain things about daycare providers and the experience of daycare are of particular importance to me (early socialization, structure/routine, clear boundaries/expectations, etc.). Karen is easy to talk to and is very effective at communicating with us. She is warm, open, and genuine. She takes any concerns we have seriously, however mundane or insignificant they may be. In addition, because Karen is so well trained and informed about all aspects of children, I often solicit her advice before anyone else when I have questions about our daughter's development. Her expectations for the children in her care are very clear and are centered on learning through play. She makes our daughter feel special every day and gives us, as first time parents, important and useful feedback. She always makes sure to check in about how we are doing things at home in order to keep our daughter's experience of daily routines consistent. Additionally, it is obvious to me that the other children in her care have a strong bond with her and that she treats each child with individualized attention and care. She has a true love of children and seems to genuinely enjoy what she does every day.

It is hard to capture how truly thrilled we are with Karen's services in words. If you are considering an in home daycare provider for your children, I feel confident saying you won't find one better than Karen Peterson.
It is my pleasure to write a review for bouncing bunnies day care.
Our daughter attended for 2 years and loved going. Karen is a very experienced provider and that certainly comes across in the way she runs her Day Care.
I loved that it is a private home with less kids than you'd get in a commercial setting. My daughter learned to socialize with her peers and received the adult attention and direction you need as a child. The routine of the day is well structured with a variety of age appropriate activities for the kids (art, music, story time and out door play to name a few).
I learned quickly that Karen was more than someone just providing day care for my daughter. She was helping to raise her. When we would struggle at home with with things like potty training, sleeping through the night or even misbehavior Karen would take the time to give sound advice (that actually worked)and then be sure to follow through when my daughter was with her. Every milestone was celebrated with great positive reinforcement!

Our daughter is going into preschool prepared. She has a strong sense of independence and the foundation to be kind and make new friends which has all been facilitated by Karen.

We are grateful to have found Karen and are going to miss her very much. There is no one I would recommend more highly than her as a day care provider.

Laura L
My son has attended Bouncing Bunnies Family Daycare for the past school year. I hadn't had to use day care for my older children but luckily was referred to Karen by another parent. I couldn't have found a more nurturing, caring, and loving environment for him. He has made wonderful friends, learned how to be a good friend, has good manners, and follows structure and rules. He loves going and there are days when he doesn't like to leave! His days are spent playing with traditional toys, outside play whenever the weather cooperates, reading stories, singing songs, painting, working on puzzles and many other types of play to enrich him mentally and physically. Karen's training and education completely put my mind at ease. I know he is in the best possible care when we have to be at work!
Jodi T
Both of our sons attended Karen Peterson's Bouncing Bunnies Daycare from the time they were five months old until the age of three. Karen is the ultimate professional, having the years of practical experience that we were looking for along with the professional credentials and early childhood education knowledge that we believed to be essential. Karen's demeanor was also exactly what we were looking for in a childcare provider. She is warm and caring but is also matter-of-fact and consistent about the rules and expectations for behavior. We have been extremely pleased with the care that Karen provides for our boys and they thrived under her guidance.

Karen provides a structured environment with developmentally appropriate activities and play opportunities that are varied and engaging. Of great importance to us is that Karen places an emphasis on helping the children to develop the skills of independence and self-reliance. We also appreciate that Karen models, teaches and reinforces good manners and social skills. When our oldest son entered preschool in the fall of 2014 he was more than prepared to make the transition successfully and our youngest is just as ready to get off to a great start in preschool next September.

We are also pleased with the communication between the daycare and home. Karen carefully records the events of the day on the boys' day sheets and also takes time at pick-up to fill us in on notable occurrences. For example, one afternoon Karen told me that she thought she could hear a slight wheeze at the end of my son's coughs. I could not hear it at the time but by the next morning the wheeze was apparent and a visit to the doctor confirmed that my son was experiencing his first symptoms of asthma. This event further confirmed our conviction that we made the right choice in selecting Karen to care for our children while we are at work. She pays close attention to each child in her care and her years of experience have honed her instincts.

We think very highly of Karen and the excellent care that she provides for our sons. We go to work each day with the peace of mind of knowing that our boys are enveloped by comforting care and reassuring structure while being provided with the best opportunities to learn and grow. We would highly recommend Karen Peterson's Bouncing Bunnies Daycare to anyone seeking high quality, consistent childcare for their infants and toddlers.
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