Arms of Love Learning Academy

1613 Independence Blvd.
Missouri City, TX 77489
1613 Independence Blvd., Missouri City, TX 77489
281-499-7675 281-499-7675

Arms of Love Learning Academy

1613 Independence Blvd.
Missouri City, TX 77489
1613 Independence Blvd.
Missouri City, TX 77489
281-499-7675 281-499-7675
At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.


State license status: Full Permit ( verified on 5/3/2022)
This business has satisfied Texas's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on Texas's licensing website.
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  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements

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Cost & Availability

At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

Ratings & Reviews

( 31)
AOL is a great place for my two children and soon to be 3 child (newborn) attending. My favorite things about AOL are:
1. The environment is always positive and the staff thrives on love and integrity
2. The curriculum includes homework (toddler ages), which allows me to continue to develop and stimulate my kids' brains with assignments that correlate to what they are learning in class.
3. My child enjoys his teachers, and I truly feel my kids are safe when at school.

I encourage everyone who is searching for a daycare to go to AOL and talk to Mrs. Taylor. Very happy!
Christina F
Arms of Love Learning Academy is a wonderful establishment. My children and I love this place. The teachers are amazing and really care for the children. They create a warm atmosphere and feel like an extended family. The director, Mrs. Stephanie, consistently operates the center in a loving, professional manner. She understands the importance of family and plans annual Thanksgiving celebrations for the children and their family and multiple programs throughout the year designed to show parents just how much their children are learning. The assistant director, Mrs. Taylor is just as special. She really connects with the children in a phenomenal way. Arms of Love has created a trustworthy relationship with me. I know my children are learning in a loving, safe environment.
Monique J
My son is 5 years old and came home Tuesday telling me how much each coin is worth. He then told me what president is on the front of each coin and bill AND what was on the back of each coin and bill. Now, two days later he recited Psalm 23....THE ENTIRE CHAPTER!! I am blown away. I have been told by many centers that they "Prepare children for Kindergarten" but Arms of Love Learning Academy really does prepare our children for Kindergarten and so much more!! I wish I started my older two years ago.
I love this school. The staff is professional and caring. This is my son's 3rd year attending this school and he has learned so much. I am so glad I entrust the care of my baby to Arms of Love.
Mrs. J
Our son started here at the beginning of the summer and he absolutely loves it. Ms. Kristine and Ms. Tasha are awesome with him. The rest of the staff is very friendly and structured environment fosters learning! Wonderful place to take your kids.
Mrs. C
It has been such a pleasure having my niece and son attend Arms of Love. My niece is now 25 years old and started going to Arms of Love when she was 3 years old. Years go by and I would run into Mrs. Stephanie different places. In May of 2012 I found out that I was expecting a baby. My son started when he was 5 months old Ms. Julie bonded with him immediately and she still does anyway he is 5 years old now. My son really loves his teacher Mrs. Kristine that he has now. I am truly going to miss her. Arms of Love staff is very AWESOME.
Kim B
My family is second generation at this daycare. My daughters started here at 3 and 5 years old, and now my grandson goes here. My daughter didn't even look at other daycares because she wanted her son to go here. The kids really learn here and they make sure to keep them active and involved in new things.
Kesha G
My daughter started here at 2 1/2 years old, she was not potty trained and only knew some basics which was taught at home. In less than a month, she was fully potty trained, and knew several words in spanish and sign language. The ENTIRE staff are so loving, I feel as if I'm dropping her off with family. Ms.Stephanie and Ms. Taylor are great partners and I love how they handle the business side of daycare. Ms. Marissa and Ms. Tachina was the start of my baby being smart and spoiled rotten. It continues with Ms. Carol and Ms. Jones, Ms. Jones is the absolute best! I love the curriculum because it is christian based. My baby is always excited to go to school. We have one more year (parent's decision, she actually can go to public school but we are so pleased with Arms of Love, I have already started crying because I am not ready for her to leave. I thank God for directing me to them because the foundation laid is immaculate.
Madison T
It's a nice school the teachers teach your kids a lot of academics I love it
It has been such a pleasure having my kids attend AOL. My oldest daughter started when she was 3 yrs old and is still attending for after school care, when I had my second child I knew that I wanted her to attend AOL. When I look into the baby room it just looked like everything was ran in order, the way Ms. Alma and Ms. Julie bonds with the babies is priceless. My youngest started when she was 3 months and they made sure that her first day leaving her was easy of course I cried. She is now 20 months and they just love her and I would want to have it no other way. I felt so good because whenever I would go to drop her off as soon as we walk in the building everybody would say Hello Kennedi, and Ms. Unik also gave her a nickname TUTU. Who we miss dearly.. I love all the teachers at AOL Mrs. Stephanie, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Alma, Ms. Julie, Ms. Ruby, Ms. Mary, Ms. Carol, Ms. Marissa and Ms. Jones. Everyone is AWESOME and I am looking forward to many years at AOL
My grand daughter has attended AOL since she was 18 months and she's now 3 yrs old. The staff are pretty awesome, my granddaughter was potty trained by her teacher with the help of us. Her education level is beyond belief, they teach them so much.
My love for the center intensified when I realized that EVERY teacher knows my grand daughter's name and she not in their class. That was top notch to me.
I have recommended this school to family members and friends!
Fellow E
Recently I had the opportunity to see this center as a group on an outing. The staff treated the children with love and respect. They attended to all their needs while operating and executing their duties flawlessly. The children were well behaved and not disruptive or out of control. My complements to the entire staff at Arms of Love Learning Academy. Training starts at the center before children go out on field trips. Ms. T., hats off to you for a job well done at your Pizza outing.
My 10 yr old daughter has been enrolled in the after school care or summer program @ Arms of Love for 4 yrs. After a bad experience @ another day care I was very skeptical about entrusting my child w/anyone. This facility came highly recommended by a former employee who is a good friend of mine. So decided to check it out. After "interrogating" Mrs. Lane and touring the facility I had a good feeling about the day care. The staff seemed to genuinely enjoy their work and the kids were all being well supervised. ... We decided to enroll my daughter after i found out my nephew had attended the day care years ago when it was @ the old location. My sister had nothing but good thing to say about AOL. ... For the 1st few weeks I was on high alert and questioned my then 6 yr old every day about her experiences. ... Four years later I can say that I love this place. The owner is very caring and professional, which shows in the way the staff interacts w/the kids and parents. I feel very confident that my child will be safely picked up from school and we'll cared for while I am working. This facility has been home away from home for my daughter. We love it.
Nastacia P
Words cannot explain the grattitude i have for Mrs.Stephanie Lane and her wonderful staff, my son began attending AOL at 17 mts he is now 3yrs old and has blossomed into a very bright young man. The education he receives is incredible and i wish i had found this school sooner. Peace of mind is what all mothers want and i can honestly say i have no worries when my little one is at school. He constantly speaks about his firends and teachers and knows al of the staff by name, they see my son as their own and the school is truly a blessing i thank you for all that you do AOl, my son will attend AOL for as long as you allow
Stephanie L
It's been over a year now since my children (age 7 and 10) have been with Arms of Love and I LOVE this facility. Mrs. Stephanie, Ms. Taylor, and Ms. Kristine are just a few of the Great teachers they have. My family is not originally from here and I have experienced Horrible child care facility since we've relocated to Houston. There's always a warm welcome when I enter the daycare, the on sight activities are awesome, the field trips are even better and these are just a few things I love about Arms of Love. As long as my children need a daycare, they will always attend Arms of Love...
I can't say enough great things about Arms of Love Learning Academy! I brought my child here after being in a home daycare which was horrible. In the previous care center, a couple of times he would SCREAM when I left him. I eventually found out that the caregiver was mean and uncaring to my two year old. I quickly asked for new child care centers to enroll my baby in. I was referred by another mother of a child who attended the school. I thought I would quickly check it out. AOL had one opening in his level. The rate was very reasonable and within just a single tour, my son was SO comfortable with the staff and the children in his age group. At the end of the tour, my son cried because he had to go home with me rather than stay! The staff is so friendly and they GENUINELY love children and want to see them grow and develop. This is not a day care center - this is a learning academy. My son came home reciting all sorts of things he had learned during is first week of school. This warmed my heart as a mother to know that my son had a comfortable place to learn, with loving care givers who actually CARE about the children and their well being. EVERYONE is so friendly and pleasant. When you drop off or pick up your child, all the teachers know who they are (no matter the grade level). If your child is sick, they call right away to tell you the problem. I am so at peace with my child attending this school. You can't make a better choice for your child. My son comes home so excited and smiling at the end of the day. He speaks about his teachers and friends all the time. THANK YOU Mrs. Stephanie, Mrs. Unik, and Ms. Dahlia! You have truly been a blessing to my child and myself!
Irean S
I am so thankful to the staff at Arms of Love, the school is a great place for my grandson, I was so pleased when my daughter decided to enroll him there, his classroom is well organized and so is his teacher Ms. Carol. The learning environment is awesome. To Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Taylor and the staff at AOL thank you for all that you do.
Tee B
I have 2 children that attend here. My son who is 18 months and my daughter who is 3. I can t imagine my children going anywhere else. My daughter started while I was pregnant with my son in 2012, and my son started at 8 weeks. They are not only professional but they truly love these children and they love what they do. I love the curriculum! My 3 year old amazes me with what she knows and even as a toddler my son is learning too! Mrs. Stephanie is great! She picked an awesome staff and I count it a blessings to have my child in such great care.
C. H
Arms Of Love (AOL) had what we were looking for, a loving environment that would embrace our children and teach them in a loving, caring and most important Christian environment. It takes a village and we found that village. Upon entering the school I was reluctant because I knew it was going to be an outrageously expensive experience. The staff would less likely get to know my children by name. I didn't feel it was right. Then we saw my daughters K3 teacher from another school. My daughter ran down the hall after not seeing this teacher for at least a year and a half. I told her the impact you have made on our daughter is phenomenal. We were then greeted by Ms. Taylor who gave us a tour totally impressed. I cried she cried and I said this is the place for my children. Coming up the hall we stopped and spoke to Mrs. Jones my daughters K3 teacher from another school. She had nothing but encouraging words for this school. She spoke how they use a dual curriculum they have extracurricular activities. It was a blessing. Upon starting school for my three year old son and my five year old daughter, they have been very happy. Now coming to know the other staff members they really have shown no favoritism but love for all the students that attend the school. Mrs. Kristine is my daughters' teacher I love that she challenges and pushes my daughter in her studies. She has been very positive however a strong disciplinarian. My son works well in his class with Ms. Tasha and Ms. Marissa. They show him love and he speaks more and they have grown his vocabulary. A good foundation can prepare a child to propel in the future. I want to say thank you to Mrs. Stephanie for your grace and understanding, Ms. Taylor for your prayers and welcoming spirit, Mrs. Jones for you loving kindness and care for my children, Ms. Kristine for your persistence with my daughter never allowing her to give up, Ms. Tasha for your pleasantness and patience with my son, Ms. Marissa for your continued concern and loving kindness. To all of you thank you for being that VILLAGE we need to raise our children. C. Hutchinson
Michelle T
My two younger cousins attended Arms of Love as children and they both loved the ladies who cared for them as well as the atmosphere of the daycare. It was a no brainer that my own child would be attending as well. My daughter has been attending Arms of Love since she was 4 months old and has been well cared for. She is now almost 2 yrs.old and continues to be treated and cared for wonderfully. Arms of Love has grown over the years and is a great facility. The owner, Mrs. Stephanie is such a professional but personable person. She always has a smile on her face and greets each parent with that smile. I love the fact that I can get in contact with her easily even if it's just a question. She runs a tight crew which shows because I have never walked into the daycare to find anyone off task. I also love the fact that the care givers actually work with the younger children throughout the day rather than placing them in front of a television as I have seen at other day care centers, My daughter comes home daily with new learning...whether it's a new name, or a new word, or a new command that she now knows how to follow. I truly appreciate how dedicated the staff is to keeping parents abreast of any irregularities that may happen throughout the day, such as fevers, behaviors, etc. Mrs. Mary is the primary care giver for the area my daughter is in right now and she absolutely loves walking into that room. My daughter makes it a habit to give her a hug and wave goodbye when we're leaving. What amazes me is that the other care givers are so involved in the kids that most of them know her by name and she loves them all just the same. I have recommended Arms of Love and will continue to recommend them to anyone who inquires about a trustworthy day care center for their child.
Ba F
I love this center. The staff truly cares about its students and treats everyone as if they were a part of their family. My daughter has attended this center since she was an infant and we do not regret a thing. They go far above the call of duty by providing daily enrichment programs such as: Academics, Bible study, summer activities, Field trips, In house library, Competitive Sports and performances. We need more child care centers like Arms of Love.
Latisha W
I absolutely love Arms of Love! I fell in love the moment I walked through the doors. My 3 year old son attends this facility. When he first started he wasn't talking but now he talks in complete sentences. He's eager to show me what he's learned everyday. I'm so proud of the progress he's made. Ms Taylor, Ms Jones, Ms Lane, and Ms Kristine have been very helpful. My son has a late birthday which means he won't be able to start kindergarten until the age of 6. I'm hoping he will be able to stay at Arms of Love until then. This school has been a blessing to my child and I. You won't regret sending your child here!!!
Carla J
I have known the owner of Arms of Love for 10 years are more. Several of my friends and co workers have trusted Ms Stephanie to provide care, love, and compassion for their children, while they are away. I have heard nothing but positive and exceptional reviews concerning the care they have received.
I have recently became a grandmother and when my grandson becomes a toddler, I am hopeful that we are blessed to have him become a part of the Arms of Love family.
J' R
Wow...where do I begin? Arms of Love, is exactly what it says. I have raised a son and daughter, ages 23 and 19. God blessed me with another child which is 4 now. My biggest concern was, going back to work and leaving my baby with someone that I could trust. Not only was my baby a blessing, but A.O.L was a blessing too. My older kids have a family business in child care "Kids R Kids #13," so my oldest daughter and I went on the hunt for an establishment that can compare to the family business center. I know, you are probably wondering, why didn't I send her to the family child center? We choose not to, because we wanted her to become independent of her family; we knew she would be too spoiled being at a child center surrounded by family.

So we went on our search, and trust me we visited a number of places. I will never forget the day that we walked up to A.O.L it was God sent from the beginning. My baby started at 18 months and is currently enrolled. Ms. Mary, Ms. Unique, Ms. Tarsha, Ms. Marissa, Ms. Jones, Ms. Carol, Ms. Kristine, Ms. Gail, Ms. Ward and last but for sure not least Ms. Taylor; are some of the most amazing teachers and staff members that I have ever dealt with. My daughter has been in some of their classes and I'm looking forward to her being in the other classes. But they all work together as a team and have the best interest at heart for the kids. My daughter goes on and on about all of the staff at the school and I can see why. I was kind of concerned that she was being spoiled, but that was not the case. She was being treated right as if she would be treated in her own home. My daughter amazes me every week with things she have learned. I'm one of the proudest parents ever because of A.O.L. they have not only potty trained her, taught her numbers and letters in English and Spanish, etc....I'm impressed with her vocabulary and most impressed with her bible learning. The staff at A.O.L is outstanding!!! They are just beautiful people inside and out. I don't know what Mr. & Mrs. Lane is doing to keep it that way, but whatever it is; keep doing it!!!

And speaking of Mr. & Mrs. Lane, I thank God for you guys...Your Center is priceless to me. You guys are just awesome. I have given praise for the staff and owners, so people may be thinking; it can't be that perfect. Guess what, it's not, nothing is. There have been some concerns, (very little) but they have always been addressed and handled professionally and to my satisfaction. I only have one major concern that I'm waiting on a solution for. My daughter only has two more years at A.O.L. I would love for you to expand some type of way so she could stay there as long as possible. PLEASE Ms. Stephanie, help me!!!!! LOL (I am serious). I have always and will always recommend this school.

Raven's Mom & Dad 
Britni W
After looking at several facilities in the area to put our son in we found Arms of Love and fell in love immediately. The building was extremely clean and the staff was super professional. We had no problem sending our then 2 year old there.
He went there as a quiet and shy child (an introvert), but nearly two years of being there, that shy child is no longer shy but extremely social. He now talks too much and he rants and raves about not only his teachers but other staff members. He usually is the one that alerts us of their names.
Mrs. Stephanie is very accommodating and polite and she welcomes everyone one in with a smile and she can even identify you and your child by name. I couldn't imagine sending my child anywhere else and when it is time for my younger son to attend school when he is two he will also be going to Arms of Love.
Ebbony H
I'm not going to make this review full of bells and whistles or write a novel but give an upfront front review this is the most advanced daycare in missouri city when you walk in you you'll notice the brightly colred walls classrooms and libary 9 times out 10 you'll be greeted by ms.taylor who is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G she is the director and unlike some daycare directors she is very helpful upbeat and super sweet she anwers your questions and it's never a limit on how many you can ask her she never rushes you and never makes you feel unwelcomed she'll drop whatever she's doing to make sure you the parent feel right at home she has a genuine love for kids she'll tell you in a minute that those are here babies she will NEVER ALLOW anyone to mistreat A CHILD EVER! When she tells you your baby is in good hands that's exactly what she means, Ms.unik and Ms. Dalia are amazing their class they are so advanced unreal they work very well to make sure their kids get the best quality care they always greet you with a upbeat hi or how are you doing? Ms.jones is sooooooooo AWESOME with her class they are very polite and show an exceptional amount repect they know spanish, bible versus and much more she will tell you in a heartbeat that she loves her babies and she means is because it shows through her work. Ms Alma works in the baby room and I can never say enough about her trust me when I say your baby is in good hands she NEVER leaves a child with a soiled diaper or unfeed for a long time unlike some daycares your baby is not left in a crib all day your child will get her love and care because she is very protective of every child that comes in that room matter of fact all the ladies in the baby room are as well I could go on and on about all the teachers in detail but I really don't have the time to due to a busy day lol But after just having a conversation with someone today I felt this review was needed If this daycare was so bad I would not have enrolled my kids and we are not unprofessional loud or yell at each other it is not in shambles when you walk in the door and as in we I mean the employees yes I am an employee to put your mind at ease their are cameras in everyroom in that building including outside so nothing goes un noticed here everyone has their own opinons come take a look and judge for yourself. In case you're wondering if I got paid for this review I assure I did not lol I have my personal reasons for doing so and in case you're asking your how do I know she didn't write the review posted on 4-17-14 well because I used my real name to let you know this is a real person and not a internet troll (a person who posts slandering comments on the internet about a business, company, social site under a false name etc) this is my first,only,and last comment about AOL you can have a a good sense of security knowing this is a actual person posting about her own experience who won't make her review sound like a hyped up commercial but will be upfront and to the point. Oh! Did I mention that during nap time we play soothing music (gospel,smooth jazz and classical ) relaxes the kids right to sleep it almost relaxes me right to sleep as well too Lol!! If you are looking for a christian daycare then come visit A.O.L unlike the review stated below you won't regret it...
I am so grateful for Arms of Love - It is a place that I like to call a "Piece of Mind" and a place where you literally see children and staff extending Arms of Love to each other. It is very evident that my child is learning and retaining information beyond what I ever imagined. I have children who have been in all of the teachers' classes. The instructors are absolutely professional in what they do with my children on a daily basis!!!!! I witnessed and observed them engaging my children in various academic, social and spiritual activities that were amazing. I was shocked to hear my 4 year old child, who is in Mrs. Kristine's / Ms. Foster's class recite all of the Books in the Bible in order as well as my other child speaking elementary Spanish - she's only 3 and is in Ms. Marissa and Tasha's Class. Ms. Carol, Ms. Unique, Ms. Jones, and Mrs. Ward, are jewels and provided a strong academic foundation and structure for students who really need it!!!! Mrs. Taylor is such a excellent leader who has been Nothing But PROFESSIONAL in her dealings with me (and other parents). The owners/ directors, Mr. and Mrs. Lane have been a blessing to my children. They are very serious about their academy!!!! I witness them working diligently to ensure my children's safety and enhance their intellectual growth. AOL is immaculately clean, stimulating, and managed in such an orderly/ organized way. Upon my first visit to AOL, all staff members in the "baby room" greeted me and my children with warm smiles and were very friendly. Mrs. Lane works tirelessly planning activities, trips, and ceremonies for her students, staff and parents. The first time I saw Arms of Love, I knew it was where I wanted to send my children. I LOVE IT!!!!! IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR AN ACADEMY TO SEND YOUR CHILD - DON'T THINK TWICE ABOUT IT!!!
I'm a parent and so glad my kids are not in kristine and ms.foster's room these two need to be let go I have witnessed kristine getting in the kids faces talking to them crazy and ms.foster does the same sometimes they even made fun of the way a child looks I have seen them force a child to sit down and even stuffing food in their mouths to make them hurry up an eat kristine goes and gossips to the parents and some of the employees everythime I come up there she is running her mouth about somebody she has even talked bad about ms.foster smh now how are the trying to teach the kids how to go by the the right way when they themselves do the same?! Ms. Stephanie runs a great daycare with good people but these two are something else I'm sure if ms.stephanie knew what they are doing she would put a stop to it asap I give this daycare 5stars but with those to idiots I give it 1...
My children have been at this facility for 2 years now. I have no problems at all. Mrs Stephanie and Mr Darryl are awesome. My son wasnt talking when he first went, now he talks way too much lol. He knows alot to be 3, has very great manners and very polite! I recommend this place to everyone I know. I also love that its a christian based school. Before the children leave in the morning one of the bus drivers pray and make the kids bow their heads! I love love love the school! No regrets at all!
Victoria A
Just don't take your infant or child here... Save yourself the heart ache
Aside from their beautiful new building, this day care center which is operated by a female owner with the help of her husband and their members of staff,lacks professionalism.My review is from my personal experience because my child attended this day care and I have since regretted ever taking that decision. .Apart from their unprofessinalism attitudes toward their clients, these people can be so lound when communicating with people, they are not trust worthy, very rude and very, very un accomodating.I will never recomment it to anypne.
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