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Graceful In Home Healthcare, LLC

1500 South 70th Street Suite 102, Lincoln, NE

Graceful In Home HealthCare Provides care in various locations: private homes, one-on-one care in Nursing home, Assistants Living, Doctors office and Hospital. Duties for caring for an individual client are highly dependent on their special needs. No two people are alike and no two care-giving jobs are alike either. Some seniors are suffering from memory loss while others are sharp as a whip yet struggle getting around and doing simple things like opening the door. However Graceful In Home Healthcare will try to match you with the right Caregiver that meets your needs. When it comes to caring for individual that are in need of assistance, it s important to keep in mind that caregiver duties vary and being able to adapt is the strength of Graceful In Home HealthCare. Services Provided by Graceful In Home HealthCare One-on-One care for individual clients. In home senior care is an alternative to nursing home or assisted living care and often senior respond best to it, as it allows them Freedom to stay in the comfort of home.
Breakdown of caregiver duties that Graceful In Home HealthCare caregiver s position entails the following: Following the care plan as directed by supervising nurse RN/LPN or a Doctor order.
Assisting with bathing and grooming - This can include but is not limited to: shampooing hair, finger and toenail care, brushing teething, and shower assistance.
Basic food preparation - From grocery shopping to actually preparing the food, it's important to ensure the senior is displaying proper nutrition.
Medication reminders - Caregivers must assure that medications are taken at the correct time as directed by the doctor.
Light housekeeping It's important for caregivers to keep a safe and clean environment. Duties related to housekeeping will typically involve making the bed and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
Transferring the client. This refers to transferring the client from chairs, from the toilet, from bed, and to and from a vehicle.
Toiling: It's important to assist with using the toilet to encourage comfort and prevent any infections
Transportation: Upon request caregiver with a vehicle and a driver s license, can help take the elder around to doctor s appointment and other activities.
Monitoring changes in client's health. When following the care plan, the supervisor will be notified immediately with any changes in client's condition nurse will want to know if there are any changes in health that are concerning and that may need me
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