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Susie's House

HELEN, Detroit, MI

Susie's House is an Adult Foster Care home with a dynamic team of Caregivers, which provides long-term care as a option for Residents (age 18+) who are no longer able to remain in an independent living situation due to Medical or Psychiatric diagnosis and/or lack of family support and Caregiver. Susie's House offers a safe, favorable, and compassionate care in a home-like setting; yet more affordable than an assisted living arrangement.

We are licensed by Michigan Department of Human Service and have specialize certification to care for Residents with in need of long-term care, Mental illness, Developmental Disability, Dementia, Autism, Alzheimer, Geriatric, and Independent Living.

Susie's House internal services, in the home-like environment, include but not limited to supervision, protection, personal care, recreation, room and board, nutritious meals, medication management, laundry, computer/ internet access, teach (computer skills, health and safety, and communication skills), television, transportation, and assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) / Instrumental of Daily Living (IADLs) which relates to the following:

ADLs (basic daily personal care activities) include but are not limited to --
1. Personal mobility: ability or inability to walk, use a wheelchair, walker, or cane.
2. Grooming and hygiene: bathing, shaving, brushing teeth, and combing hair.
3. Eating and/or feeding.
4. Transfer activities: getting in and out of bed and/or transferring from bed to chair.
5. Toileting.

IADLs (activities that a fully functional adult person should be able to perform without help) include but are not limited to --
1. Cleaning room
2. Doing laundry
3. Managing money
4. Shopping
5. Using public transportation
6. Writing letters
7. Making telephone calls
8. Obtaining appointments
9. Managing medications
10. Recreation and leisure activities
11. Preparing food for personal use

We specialize in serving people with Serious Mental Illnesses, Intellectual Disabilities, and Developmental Disabilities to help them achieve their highest level of skill development, independence and health, while enhancing their self-esteem and dignity.

The purpose of Community Integration is to focus on the individuals hopes, dreams, and vision of a life well-lived. Located only 2 Miles from Detroit's River Walk, Belle Isle, Greek town, Downtown, & much more for Residents enjoyment!
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