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Brittany S.|Baltimore, MD

$10-20/hr 10 yrs exp 32 yrs old

Britt Step's Babysitting Bio

When I was 14, I began babysitting my mother's co-workers two children. At the time, I sat for a young girl almost 6 -years old and her baby-brother, who was not quite a year old. I stayed with the family through one-move and the birth of a third child. By then, the girl was 10-years- old and I was moving on to college, so could only baby-sit on weekends. I still refer to them as the "precious moments" kids even though they definitely proved that they can be far less than angelic when they don't get their way! I'd offer one treat after dinner based solely on good behavior (i. e. if they helped walk and feed the animals with me) and would let the younger child have story-time with all of us before going to bed. As the family grew to trust me and their kids grew to love me as part of their family, I began to baby-sit for the mother's sister's son, age 6. He had leukemia and a lot of special needs, including: injections through a surgically implanted tube located on his neck.) I was extra cautious with him, but we still spent hours playing with his toy cars, on the tent/slide connected to his bed in his bedroom, and watching educationally entertaining videos with popcorn in the evenings -- as long as he had put all of his toys back in the toy-chest! I also babysat infrequently for another family friend and her two twin girls. The girls were a handful!, mischievous and very ADHD. They were hooked to the TV, so I tried to get them out in the yard to play games more often. Most recently, I babysat a brilliant 1st-grade boy. He was passionate and knowledgeable about cars and bikes. We'd collaborate on innovative games to play and run around for hours playing made-up games with his friends! I feel like my experience from a young age has provided me with adequate knowledge, skills, and creativity necessary to help care for young children. I enjoy learning the special needs of each individual and playing a role in helping them grow into healthy, intelligent, well-rounded young people. I love cooking, don't mind helping with household chores, and feel comfortable with all ages except newborns with special needs under two months. I haven't had enough experience quite yet. My sister's husband is a paramedic and my sister grew up with Epilepsy so I have a great deal of experience with emergency situations too.