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Bathing / Dressing Part-time Support Needed For My Grandmother In Macomb, MI.

Part Time $15 – 25/hr Starts 02/17 Macomb, MI
Seeking care for my grandmother in her 80s. Services needed: bathing / dressing. Specialized care needs: support for memory care. Female caregiver preferred. A little more about my grandmother: she can be pleasant. Helen needs help with showers while I'm on vacation. She's living currently at sunrise assisted living. She's get 1 shower a week there. I do it the rest of the time. She has trouble waking and standing for long periods. She uses a walker. Needs help getting in and out of shower and help with back and drying off along with getting dresses. I find it easier at night... after dinner like 6:30-7:30 because I put her pajamas on and she can go to bed after shower. She won't be getting hair washed. She's kind but very slow. She's has a little bit of dementia. It's really bad but she does get confused. She can hold a conversation and is smart. I'm looking for someone who is patient, chatty, strong. Helen does better with people that treat her with respect and are patient and kind. She hates when people tell her she can't do something and are short with her. She's 99% of the time easy to get along with. My grandma likes dogs and hearing about kids and grand kids or pets. She was living on her own up until she fell about 6 months ago and broke her shoulder. Now she has 2 torn rotator cuffs and has pain when she lifts her arms. She takes blood thinners so has some bruises on her hands. She is normally dresses with hair and makeup done. She's an 87-year-old happy woman. Since the fall she has some memory problems but can definitely still hold a conversation.

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