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Crystal S.|Airway Heights, WA

$10-20/hr 10 yrs exp 28 yrs old

I grew up helping my grandmother with daycare, before I was old enough to help I was her student. I've learned a lot about how to teach children and how to keep them busy. later, I babysat my two cousins. I myself have a son that was born in 2012. I know how to take care of a baby and I am CPR certified too. When I watch kids, I like to do many activities. I am more about the art activities then anything else. I like to try and help kids learn. I believe children need outside time also, unless the parents say otherwise. I love to read out loud and love to dance and make things fun. I know I don't have any paid experience but I promise I'm not as new as you think. :) More about me: I plan to go to college for a vet tech and continue helping others in any way possible. I am originally from Minnesota. I moved to Washington at age 18 so I could get to know my mother. I started working side jobs and whatever I could get to be able to take care of myself at age 13. My very first job was watering flowers in a cemetery for only 6 dollars an hour. when I wasn't doing that then I was babysitting my cousins and helping my grandmother with daycare. When my grandpa got sick I ended up being the cook for lunch hour or sit with the kids and read to them while my grandma got nap cots ready. I also lived on a farm most my teenage years. when my grandma had show and tell, I would bring my baby pigs or my goat. kids loved it. through high school I played softball, basketball, volleyball, and I was also in just for kids (dance line) today, I have a boyfriend that I've been with since 2011, and we have a wonderful baby boy since 2012. speaking of, You might have noticed that I marked I couldn't watch sick children. My son was born with a disease, he has been in and out of the hospital more then I can count. his first surgery was at age 3 months. When he gets a cold its twice as bad then when a normal healthy child gets a cold. when my son gets sick he gets extremely sick. so please if your child is sick, please let me know. if your child only has a cold then ill make sure to try and protect myself from germs as much as possible, but if your child is vomiting then it would be hard for me to watch him.

FAQs for finding reading tutors in Airway Heights

How much does it cost to hire a reading tutor in Airway Heights, WA?
Hiring a local reading tutor in Airway Heights, WA on will cost an average of $15.00 per hour as of November 2020. This rate may vary depending on the experience each candidate has, how often you will need them to help your child with reading and the age of your child.
How can I find a reading tutor near me? currently has 0 reading tutors in Airway Heights, WA. You can search for candidates by their distance from Airway Heights and compare your options by hourly rate, the experience each reading tutor has and the specific skills they can teach. You can also see reviews from other families in Airway Heights that have worked with a reading tutor you're interested in.
What questions should I ask a potential reading tutor?
The goal of hiring a reading tutor is to improve your child's grades and vocabulary. Ask questions about the process each tutor uses to get these results from the kids they've worked with in the past. Also ask each reading tutor if they are familiar with some of the goals the schools in Airway Heights have. Finally, see how long they are willing to commit to helping your child with their reading tasks. Your child may only need a few tutoring sessions or long-term help with their reading that could require the tutor to stay with them the entire school year.