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Sunrise Daycare's Photo

Sunrise Daycare

18733 Victory Blvd, Reseda, CA

Costimate: $188/wk

Sunrise Daycare was first established in 2004, when Seva and her family wanted to exceed expectation of parents towards childcare. Her program began with a small group of children in a condo in Van Nuys and has expanded to offer a Summer/Winter Program and an After-School Program when those group of kids developed into school aged children. Ever since then Seva and her family have been expanding in the Reseda and Tarzana area, providing exceptional care from children aged 0-14 as well as providing support to local communities through charity fundraising, business and entrepreneurship mentorship, and social gatherings. She tailors her case to welcome a wide range of diverse communities but specializes programs to assist Russian, Spanish, and Middle Eastern immigrants to transition into their new communities.

* Licensed facility.
* Certified in First Aid and CPR.
* Loving and nurturing environment.
* Daily activities.
o Math and Reading.
o Getting ready for school using Best programs available for Preschool and Kindergarten age children.
o Homework assistance.
o Storybook readings.
o Arts & Crafts.
o Games & Recreation.
o And more!
* Quality nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks of course (Homemade).
* We encourage children to develop socially, physically and mentally.
* We supply parents with progress reports about their children.
* We will make sure that your child is ready for kindergarten.
* Conveniently located in between Tarzana and Reseda
* Across SOCES
* Naturally shaded yard with beautiful foliage & home for comfort.
* Spacious indoor & outdoor accommodations for activities.

We have two separate programs, one for non-school aged children and one for school aged children.
The Heart House's Photo

The Heart House

18331 Bessemer St, Reseda, CA

Costimate: $188/wk

The Heart House is a new and unique approach to educating young people where the main emphasis is on nurturing a higher state of consciousness in each child. We teach self-awareness and communication skills. Children are encouraged to explore on a moment-to-moment basis what they do and why they choose to do it. Our students develop the necessary relationship and life skills needed to be extraordinary human beings who are confident, curious, and guided by an internal will to learn and succeed. The atmosphere is designed so children can feel safe being their authentic selves. We encourage leadership, humility, and problem-solving skills, enhancing their emotional growth and character. We recognize that young children are fully capable of understanding themselves and learning big concepts. We speak into the child s higher intelligence and the child naturally meets us there creating extraordinary states of awareness. We use basic universal principles, such as cause and effect. This allows children to learn how to naturally self-correct and accept responsibility for their own actions and behaviors. We discipline with natural consequences and encourage self-reflection, which promotes a high state of self-awareness. We promote an environment free of shame, blame and judgement by teaching the children to resolve conflict in healthy skillful ways. We also practice healthy ways of standing up for ourselves, for each other, and for what is true. Our students embrace the question why? or how come? We support them in finding meaning and importance in all their questions.
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