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Amherst Montessori School

27 Pomeroy Lane, Amherst, MA

Starting at $1850/mo

Amherst Montessori School is a warm and supportive community that fosters a lifelong love of learning. Our teachers skillfully guide and challenge children toward confidence, independence, leadership, and compassion. Children six months through sixth grade build powerful connections in mixed-age classrooms through thoughtfully-prepared, experiential learning.

Infant and Toddler Programs:
With a ratio of one adult to three infants, each child receives personalized attention and age-appropriate socialization.

The classrooms are home-like with delightful, natural materials, child-sized wooden furniture, clean surfaces, soft soothing music, and lovely plants in order for children to feel safe, cared for, and loved in their ideal home away from home.

The room is comforting and warm with care being taken to provide supportive, calm stimulation to enhance the development of the young child. The classroom focuses on two basic needs of infants and toddlers a connected relationship between adult and child and the development of the child's growing sense of self and independence. The simplicity and aesthetic order of our classrooms support safe discovery of the world as the child explores the environment.

The Infant classroom is designed for children ages 6 - 15 months. The Young Toddler classroom is for children 10-24 months. The Toddler classroom is for children 18-33 months. Additionally, Amherst Montessori School offers preschool, kindergarten and elementary programs.
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