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3549 Douglas Dr N, Minneapolis, MN

Slicker brush - brush out - detangle and remove under coat offered in 10 minute increments $10/*3 Nails only - Included with every grooming package $7/ *included Nail trim with hand file and /or Pedipaw – Prevents painful splaying and splitting of the nails. $10/*3 Nail trim and “Pawlish” (choice of color) Have a little FUN! We call it a “Paw-d-cure” $15/*8 Single Feather $7 Feather Trio $17 XL-Tail feather $10 Blueberry facial- Specialty shampoo and process to help lighten or remove staining and discoloration caused by weeping eyes. $12/*6 Ear cleaning- Reduce debris buildup and prevent infection $5/*included De-Matting – Straighten out the tangles in the fur either by brushing or trimming in extreme cases $10 per 10 minutes of extra work Teeth brushing – Specialty tooth paste and good old fashion brush work. $10 Anal gland expression – service as needed. Infection requires veterinarian assistance. $15/*included Four leg and hip massage – Soothing light tissue massage offered in 15 minute segments. Followed with a fresh drink of water $12 Full body- massage - More intense massage, to relieve muscle tension from the face to the feet; followed by a fresh drink of water. Offered in 25 minute appointments. $22 Hair dye – How about a Purple Mohawk for the game? Inquire for service Bow –(Top knot or Ears) $1/*Free upon request Bandana –(Choose from available prints) $2/*1 Hugs & Kisses (free of charge) Specialty Bath and Shampoo & Conditioners Medicated shampoo – Varieties available for dry or sensitive skin *$5 *Client welcome to supply prescription shampoo for use. Flea shampoo – Use a preventative for the “Going Up North” dogs *$15 Flea dip – Use to treat the dogs already infected with live fleas. *$45 De-Skunk/Extreme odor elimination *$15 Conditioning Rinse – Use for smooth and radiant sheen on your pets coat, ideal before a Full Body Massage. *$5 Paw Pad treatment & Lotion – This special treatment sooths and helps heal paws & pads that have experienced too much winter cold and salt as well as too much hot asphalt and concrete $15/*8
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