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THE THINKING DOG at Restoring Balance Dog School's Photo

THE THINKING DOG at Restoring Balance Dog School

973 W Thatcher Rd, Quakertown, PA

There are many things that make our Restoring Balance Dog Training different : We consider each client individual, with specific needs, goals and many times a few issues that need clear solutions.
I have found in my 20+ years of working with all types of dogs and handlers with very different goals, is, expecting success or even gaining knowledge in a noisy, chaotic environment is like trying to understand your professor sitting at the far end of a football field during a game.
I believe that the way I was able to grasp information when I first began training, was to have the instructor completely dedicated to me and my dog. And during a lesson if I had a question (even if it was unrelated to what we were doing at the moment) I could ask it, and get an answer.
Over the years I myself and will include many of the wonderful dogs and handlers I have helped, the clarity and time taken to offer learning a new skill, pairing new skills together and/or just fix something that is wrong works best in a one on one setting.
My goal as teacher is to help you every time I see or speak to you and offer myself up for questions, discussions and clarity so that you will be better than you were, you can achieve your goals and look to me as a friend that is approachable and caring.
This is the way I will share my newest program; Sophisticated Puppy Foundation
JILL MARIE FERNANDO has been passionately restoring balance for dogs and their families since 1993. She has worked with Rottweiler rescue groups successfully, as well as easing the transition to newly adopted dogs and their families from the S.P.C.A. of Bucks County Pennsylvania since 1994 in Solebury & Quakertown PA. She has worked intimately with all breeds & mixed dogs. (Golden Retrievers, Labradors, German Shepard Dogs, Pit Bull Terriers, Wheaten Terriers, West Highland Terriers, Parsons Russell Terriers, Rottweilers, Australian Cattle Dogs, Dingo's, and a variety of mixed breed dogs.)

Jill analyzes each dog/family and develops a specific education program to bring back balance. Jill uses a reward based education system that is easy to understand and put to use immediately. Jill's reward based education system utilizes marker and operant conditioning. The use of a clicker or simple word to mark appropriate behavior makes it easy for the dog & his family, see results immediately.

Jill's reward based education works for all behavioral symptoms and for all dog sports.

Dog sports: Obedience, Rally, Agility, Scent Work, Musical Canine Freestyle- all levels for competition & trialing.

Jill has trained her own 3 Rottweilers to Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent & Utility Dog titles & ranked in the Top Ten. She has also trained her own 2 Australian Cattle Dogs to Companion Dog, Companion Dog Excellent & Utility Dog, ranked in the Top Ten & a High Scoring Dog in All breed obedience trial. She specializes in AKC, UKC & Obedience portion of Schutzhund & Mondio Ring sports.

Zooper Scoopers

P.O. Box 581, Spinnerstown, PA

We're a pet-sitting, dog walking, pet taxi, house-sitting, and pet waste cleaning service for residential, commercial, and retail locations in the greater South Eastern PA/Lehigh Valley area. We'll take care of your pets, transport them and clean your yards and litter boxes so you don't have to! Let a professional zookeeper and my helpers clean up after your furry friends so you can have all of the fun and none of the mess! We're fully insured so your pets and homes are safe in our hands.

I'm Steve and I own and operate Zooper Scoopers. I've been a zookeeper and worked in multiple zoos and wildlife projects over the last 7 years until I decided to take the show on the road with Zooper Scoopers. I've also been working with domestic pets for over 13 years. My extensive animal (and by default, poop) experience can help you identify health problems in your pets that the average person might miss. The large majority of the time you'll get my services personally, but from time to time a well trained helper might service you if I'm unavailable. I strive hard to offer a professional and trustworthy service to make you and your pets happy and I look forward to building a long lasting relationship with my customers. We're located in upper Bucks County PA and service a wide area in Eastern/South Eastern PA. Chances are if you've heard of Zooper Scoopers you're in our service area. We're fully insured to make sure that your pets and property are safe.
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