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Stryking Manners Dog Training's Photo

Stryking Manners Dog Training

7545 Salt RD, Clarence Center, NY

Stryking Manners is one of kind. We specialize in a few different things. First thing is, we come to your home were most of your problematic behaviors are. Once we have worked out those behaviors using are positive reinforcement training and preventatives. We then take that training into public. Places like the pet store, ice cream parlors, Cabela's, Lowes and many more.
Second thing that sets us apart is, we do not just come to work a sit stay, jumping or basic obedience commands. Of course, we cover them along with your wants, needs, and goals. But we come to work with the whole family and dog. Making sure the family is on the same page with training and that the dogs not just obedient but is mentally and emotionally healthy as well. We look at the whole picture, the dynamic of the family, the environment of the household and the bond with each family member. Making sure that there are no signs of major behaviors present or that could become present. Such as fear, handling, or guarding aggression to name a few. A great thing that we do that puts us in a different league from other trainers is the fact that we make sure everyone is communicating in a language that everyone can be understood especially when it comes to the dog. We make sure that each family member understands how a dog communicates, what the dogs body cues are telling them, and important signals to be looking for. This way no matter the situation they will be able to effectively communicate, understand and advocate for their dog. We here to build the bonds of the family with the dog not to break them. Finally, we have fun. One of the important things for everyone to be doing including us is having fun while training. You should enjoy spending time working our dogs. Yes, it is not always easy and can be a bit frustrating at times, but the more positive and less stressed you are the more receptive and eager your dog is to listen to you. So, build those bonds instead of breaking them.
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