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Dedicated Dog Training's Photo

Dedicated Dog Training

371 Loring Rd, Levittown, NY

Dog Boarding and Dog Training for all breeds, sizes and ages. Our dog boarding program consists of providing your puppy or dog with plenty of mental and physical stimulation; we accomplish this both physical training and play with other friendly canines and humans as well. In addition, plenty of walks, treats (after conferral with the owner), and last but not least: plenty of human affection from a dog loving family.

Our dog training program consists of basic to advanced dog training lessons; both programs are designed specifically for your dog or puppy, your situation and family needs or desires. Lessons are provided in the comfort of your home and exterior surrounding areas. Dedicated Dog Training trains for real world scenarios, we do not train a sit just for the sake of sitting, we do it to enable you to have control over your puppy or dog when you need to.

If walking on the leash is more of a job than a pleasure, Dedicated Dog Training can be the choice for you. We excel in loose leash walking and have helped many families go from bouncing off the leash to walking pleasantly by your side.

Hyper Active Puppies: If you have a puppy that is extremely hyper active, basically out of control....we can help.

Dominant Dogs: If your puppy or dog is dominant and running the show in the home, Dedicated Dog Training can help you gain or regain control.

Providing premier dog board and train programs for Long Island, has increased our service areas to the tri-state areas, in addition to reaching a resident of Utah.
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