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Superior Dog Training's Photo

Superior Dog Training

At Your Location, Atlanta, GA

22 Years of Dog Training Experience!

Superior Dog Training services all cities surrounding the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. Our founder Jeff Wolfson has over 22 years of dog training experience. He has accomplished some of the best dog training schools in the world. Aside from the dog training schools, the years of experience has led him to create and apply, amazing dog training programs and techniques for the dogs and their owners.

My name is Jeff Wolfson, and I am the owner of Superior Dog Training serving the Atlanta Georgia metro area. I also have some amazing dog training talents, experience, and education. I enjoy applying these my talents and skills to the dogs I train. I also relay this info to the dog owner. I also take great pride in my work of dog training and helping dog owners achieve their obedience goals. I have helped many dogs and their owners with many dog training applications. I have saved many dogs from being put down and help dog owners build a great relationship with their dogs by developing a line of communication to help with any dog training application, such as behavior solving, basic and advanced obedience, dog agility, competition or having a protection dog for your home.

I offer many great dog training services that not only help the dog but the owner as well. The challenging part of my job is not training the dog but it is getting the dog to be obedient and listen to their owner on a consistent basis. I can take almost any dog and get amazing results quickly. I can't give the dog owner the gift I have but I can teach them how dogs communicate, think, and learn, therefore getting the dog to respond to them in a positive manner, even when the dog does not want to. An example of this would be a dog chasing a rabbit through the yard and getting them to stop on command and return to you happily and willingly. I am able to do this without the use of any choke collars, pinch collars, or using treats as a bribe.

Although I have compassion and understanding for dogs, my education and experience has taught me to be the trainer I am today. Even with the experience and education I have accomplished, every dog and their owner is different, but most all dog owners have the same goal, which is to achieve their obedience goals and to have the best dog they can have. This is where Superior Dog Training can help make a difference.

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CatSat Atlanta, LLC's Photo

CatSat Atlanta, LLC

1313 Citadel Dr NE, Atlanta, GA

CatSat is Atlanta's first professional, full-service in-home pet care provider for cats only. We know, love, and specialize in senior cats, kittens, and all kitties in between -- over 200 of Atlanta's fluff muffins since 2018.

Your kitties deserve knowledgeable, feline-loving experts to guarantee their unique physical and emotional needs are met. That means quality veterinary care, a physically and mentally enriching and safe environment, and endless love from your household. With your family, your veterinarian, and CatSat Atlanta on your cats' go-to team, your cats have everyone they need.

How does CatSat differ from other pet sitting services? We leave the dog walking and dog sitting to the abundant, quality dog care experts in town. We're all about the Felis catus. We include feline-friendly services in our base rates that are rarely offered by other professional sitters without extra charges. We do not charge additional fees for:

weekend bookings
holiday bookings
add-on visits
administering medications
washing litter boxes when needed
sweeping floors
walking leash-and-harness savvy cats
sending pics of all completed tasks and of your cats' activities at every visit
sending portraits of your cats when time and lighting allows
trimming nails and brushing tails

We know you'd love a sitter who can bond with your cat. We take the time to play with, snuggle with, and hold your cat, take your cat out on your screened porch, walk your cat, talk to your cat, brush their fluff, trim those nails, throw treats, engage them with toys, and break out the catnip. We build them blanket forts to explore, play videos for cats on TV, and get out their energy with inventive games. CatSat can't imagine pet sitting without including these activities that we honestly can't wait to do with your cat.

That's not all we do! We wash their bowls and utensils, clean up pukes and hairballs, take cute photos, take in your packages, mail, newspapers, and flyers at every visit, water your plants, wash and recycle food cans, take our your trash, curb and return your trash/recycling bins, take your extra recycling to CHaRM, empty dehumidifiers, raise and lower your blinds, cycle your lights, and maintain your security system...just about anything your home could need. We leave sinks clean and wiped, floors swept, and guarantee you'll find your home as neat and tidy as how you left it, or tidier!

And perhaps most importantly -- cats love us!
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