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Kathleen M.|Atlanta, GA

$20-35/hr 10 yrs exp

Fun, Mature Baby/Child/Pet Caregiver

I have had multiple years of caring for babies, kids and pets of all ages, not to mention raising two of my own. I have my CPR certification and basic first aid knowledge. I am willing to pursue more advanced classes as necessary. I love the wonder and joy of kids who are learning so much so quickly and enjoy being a part of that experience. I am a born nurturer with energy, education and excitement for what every new day can bring! I like to keep the TV off (I don't own one!) and the mind active. I also believe that down time is important for development. Time to just do nothing for a bit and daydream, relax, and reflect. Routine and boundaries are what give kids a sense of safety and belonging. Activity is essential for good health and I find that kids really respond to getting down on the floor with me to try a few yoga poses. I'm all for them getting outside whenever possible to use some of that incredible energy to run and play games. Puddle stomping, mud pies and getting down on ground level to watch an ant trail are so much fun! You remember, don't you?? Infants are strolled outdoors every day and always read and talked to. Cuddling is big on the list too. I'm a healthy eater and think that when given a choice, kids really do prefer "real" food. I love to cook and bake from scratch with real, local ingredients. Of course, the children are always included in participating! It may get messy, but that's what dishwashers are for! Be ready for a gourmet (kid) treat when you get home from work! Reading out loud every day is a part of my philosophy too. I'm pretty animated and tend to give voices and expressions to the characters. It's simply an essential activity. Questions are encouraged and finding the answers rather then being given them is fun and empowering! I like to use more than the computer as a resource so I hope you have books, a world globe and maps available. All in all, I'd say I have a natural, relaxed approach to child rearing and care. We're all a part of this wonderful "village" on earth and connected to it and each other in some fashion. Questions? Please feel free to ask. There's no such thing as a wrong question! As for pets... I was the one who dragged everything home and asked "Can we keep him/her?". I've not known a time when I didn't have a pet or two until recently. So I am available to sit for extended hours and provide overnights as well. Doggie daycare is OK for some, but there's no place like home!

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