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Photo for Pet Sitter Needed For Our Cat And Gecko!

Pet Sitter Needed For Our Cat And Gecko!

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Hello! My name is Samantha and live with my fiancé, daughter, beloved cat Leo and leopard gecko Tanzi in Concord NH. We are getting married July 9th, 2022 and are looking for someone to take care of Leo and Tanzi for that weekend, since all of our family and friends will be at the wedding. Leo is a sweet, almost 9-year-old kitty who has asthma and needs to have a sitter in case he has an asthma attack, where he will need to be given his steroid pill. His sitter must be comfortable and confident in pilling cats. He also needs to be fed his wet food twice a day - once in the morning and once at night. His dry food should always be available to him and should always have fresh water. Changing his litter box is not necessary as we will make sure it is clean before we leave. He loves to make new friends and play with his laser toy or feather wand! Tanzi is a very sweet but feisty 10-year-old leopard gecko. The sitter must be comfortable and confident with reptiles! Handling her is not necessary, but she can get a little curious (and maybe naughty) if a hand is placed in there either feeding her or changing her water dish. You will not need to feed Tanzi as we will load up her belly before we leave and she will be good for the weekend. These pets are our other babies and we are putting a lot of trust into you taking care of them for us! Leo Domestic medium hair cat 9 years old Tanzi Leopard gecko 10 years old Leo is Sweet, loving, goofy, can be feisty at times, aloof, can be either shy with new people or overbearingly needy! His personality is always changing depending on his mood - typical cat! Tanzi is a curious but shy gecko who LOVES food and sleeping. She is normally asleep during the day but will come out of her hide to say hello if you come up to her tank. She is not very fond of being handled and gets scared sometimes but she does not bite. Leo has asthma and needs to be given a steroid pill if he has an attack. Sitter must be comfortable and confident in pilling cats! No other animals please! Parking lot