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Light Housekeeping And Mobility Assistance Part-time Support Needed For My Husband In Paw Paw, MI.

Part Time
Seeking care for my husband in his 80s. Services needed: companionship, mobility assistance, light housekeeping. Looking for someone with 3+ years of experience caring for seniors. Specialized care needs: nursing experience. Female caregiver preferred. A little more about my husband: he can be anxious, pleasant, independent. D is very bright and intellectually curious. He is under hospice care for COPD, yet he has other health issues as well. He doesn't eat; he drinks ensure plus and special cookies. He is weak and has lost his balance. He needs help getting up from his hospital bed in the living room to his chair, three feet away. He needs to be treated gently, as he has pain. He enjoys people, but tires easily. I need some time away from the house, so I need someone to be with him while I'm gone. We have 2 cats. I'm looking for someone who is patient, strong. Someone who is a good listener and will visit with him. Someone kind and gentle, with a good heart. Someone who knows how to appropriately help him up from bed, with my assistance, and using his walker guide him to his chair. Someone who will help him when asked. Someone who will follow my directions for when I'm gone, i. e. Hospice instructions. D will not require a lot of work. He will visit and probably sleep a good portion of the time. I'd like to be able to leave shortly after the person arrives, to run errands, work out, etc. There will not actually be much help with light housework unless I'm here and ask for some help. Being kind and respectful are really important to me. My husband and I have been struggling alone as his health declines. We have no family nearby, so the rapport established with this person will positively add to our circumstances. I need the help, I have been handling everything alone, except for Hospice. Personally, each day I find myself emotionally fragile. I'm hoping with the time to do something "normal" and knowing D is in good care, will help me cope and be less anxious and upset when I'm home. Needless to say, I'm hopeful. Thank you.