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Photo for Caring And Punctual  Nanny

Caring And Punctual Nanny

Full Time
I'm looking for a great nanny for 1 child. Comfortable With Pets: You would not need to do anything with the dogs and we would keep them in their crate while you were here. But they would be here and we obviously have dog hair around. .Light Housekeeping: This would be a plus, but not necessary :) .Has Own Car: Must have your own vehicle. . Schedule Details: We will set up a daily start time, however ending times may vary slightly from day to day. My husband does work from home some days, but he goes into work at least 3 days a week. I will add more details below. . We are a fairly busy family. This is our first child and I will be going back to work in January. Baby was born Sept. so by the time you start he will be 3.5 months old! Over all he is a happy baby, but I would like someone that is aware of age appropriate activities, comfortable with tummy time (we do a lot of this), reading and over all aware of what needs to be done for a baby :) Our times to get home do vary from day to day but it will never be later than 6pm. My Schedule: I leave daily by 6:45am. Monday-Wednesday I do not get home till 5:45/6pm but Thursday and Friday I get home at 4:00pm. I am a teacher so all school holidays you would have off (unless you were willing to do a day or part of a day so I could do my errands- this can be negotiated when that time comes). As of right now, my husband does not have a set work hours, however, this may change after the first of the year. There will be days that he works from home, we still need you on these days as he can not do both! Days that he has to go into work he can leave anywhere between 8am and 10:30am. When he leaves during the day he is usually home between 4 and 5pm. There are days when he does not go into work till 4 or 5pm. We only need someone 4 days a week, however it can be discussed whether Mondays or Fridays will be your off days, or we can do an alternating schedule. We could possibly also arrange to where you work 3 and a half days a week instead of a full 4 based off need for the week. We for sure need a full 3 days a week though (most likely 4). You will always have a set start time, ending times may vary. PAY: We are willing to discuss hourly pay versus a salary each week. Some days you will be needed till 6 (unless my husband gets a set schedule) but some days my husband my get done early and say you can go at 3 however we are expecting someone to be able to put in a full 3 to 4 days. We do have dogs, howeve