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Photo for Hands-on Care Needed For My Mother - My mother needs care. She i...

Hands-on Care Needed For My Mother - My mother needs care. She i...

Full Time $15 – 26/hr Starts 09/21 San Antonio, TX
About who needs care: My mother needs care. She is mostly able to care for herself, but when I am out of town, I worry about her. She is an Artist and a delight - very sweet. She has some onset of Alzheimers - forgets names and sometime repeats herself over a 24 hour period - hell, I do that too - lol. She gets up about 7:30 and eats breakfast - sometimes cooks for herself - although I'd prefer that become a thing of the past. She lives in a senior living community independently where 2 meals a day are provided. We are seeking assisted living alternatives, but want her to stay where she is as long as possible. She walks without any help, sometimes uses a cain. I keep an eye on her with technology. About the care needs: Need a loving, patient person that likes to LISTEN and is a good conversationalist. My mom has lots of stories and loves people generally. She loves to laugh and it is the most rewarding thing for me when she is entertained and loved. She handles ADL's mostly on her own. I am mostly looking for someone to be present and keep her from falling and be her friend. I cannot emphasize enough, you MUST be willing to listen and not boss her around. Kind suggestions and redirection will go a long way. She is on Hospice for Cardiac reasons, however, it seems like she is going to live a lot longer than the doctors originally thought - a blessing to this world for sure. The person that likes art and is willing to eat healthy is mandatory. Mom is only 120 lbs - fyi. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, feeding, and bathing / dressing.

Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider - My grandfather (Stephen...

Part Time $15 – 22/hr Starts 09/24 San Antonio, TX
About who needs care: My grandfather (Stephen) is a funny (dry humor, he will love if you laugh at his jokes!!) 85-year-old with diabetes, and upcoming pacemaker placement. He lives alone and has two cats (one likely going to be removed due to dall risk). He was recently told he could no longer drive by his doctor and is struggling to process. We (myself, my brother, my parents, and my aunt) try to see him every day if someone is not sleeping over during the week- he is independent with movement but has had a fall history (2x in last 2 years) and more recently lightheadedness when standing up too fast (pacemaker should help with this). He needs assistance with light housework, someone to be present for wellness check reasons during the times we are unavailable and occasional transportation to run errands. Having someone here a few days a week would alleviate so much stress for us and we would really appreciate the help! I want him to feel independent and taken care of. He will do best with someone who is patient for him to take his time to get from A to B and is a bit flexible with daily plans. About the care needs: Flexibility and patience (he does get urinary urgency and may require planning ahead to know where the nearest bathroom is if out in public), and laughing at his dad jokes. He has a dry sense of humor which doesn't always land so if he says something that sounds a bit off he's probably making a joke and means well! He really enjoys being social but is hard of hearing so requires extra patience with that as well! Services needed include: transportation, meal preparation, errands / shopping, and light housekeeping.
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