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Photo for Hands-on Care Needed For My Father In Castro Valley

Hands-on Care Needed For My Father In Castro Valley

Full Time
About who needs care: My Dad has mobility issues. He's recently graduated from a cane to a walker, and it seems he's going to be needing a wheelchair soon if we stay on this trajectory. He lives with his wife who has dementia, and she has so far objected to him having an in-home care person. At this point, though, there have been multiple occasions where she has had to call me to help him get out of bed or up off the floor when he didn't make it to the chair before his legs gave out. We have had a caretaker before, but she had to quit because she was going to school for additional certifications and his wife decided she didn't want someone else to come despite the fact that his health was much better when the previous caretaker was there. We need someone to show up around 9:30 or 10am, get him out of bed, make them breakfast, help him shower and shave, do some light cleaning, and then make a late lunch/early dinner. I'll set up a HomeChef box to come each day so there's meals to make each day. He had some physical therapy exercises he was supposed to be doing, but he hasn't been doing them and now here we are. If we can get his strength back to be able to do them, it may help him be more mobile again. About the care needs: We need someone upbeat and energetic. The energy gets really low in that house because his wife's memory loss causes her to repeat herself and Dad gets really bored. Someone who is mechanically inclined or likes to work with wood would be great; Dad was a cabinet maker as a career and ran his own cabinet shop. Someone who brings him something interesting to look at and play with would stimulate his brain. I don't think he sees well enough to read, so unless the TV is on he really has nothing to do. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.