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Circle Academy's Photo

Circle Academy

1650 Utopia Parkway, Whitestone, NY

Costimate: $256/wk

Circle Academy began in 1982 when two women had a vision for an alternative to public school education. After in-depth research and investigation into alternative methods of educating children, their ultimate goal was to provide children with smaller class sizes and the respect of acknowledging that every child learns at their own pace and in their own way. The cornerstone of the Montessori philosophy was built on this vision to respect each child's individuality. It is the Montessori belief to educate the whole child as well as making parents a prominent part of their child's education.. With this vision in mind, they presented their ideas to the Board of Regents and were granted an Absolute Charter which enabled them to begin Circle Academy and educate children from Nursery through grade 6.

Circle Academy became an institution in which parents saw the success of this philosophy within their children as the population of Circle Academy grew more diversified. We presently are licensed by the New York City Department of Health to accommodate children ages 2-5 years. In order to ensure a safe and healthy environment, all of our staff members must attend special trainings and receive certifications approved by the Department of Health. All members of our staff must be fingerprinted, state-cleared and have a yearly medical prior to becoming a member of our staff. In addition, all of our teachers are state-certified, licensed in Early-Childhood education. We also hold an Absolute Charter from the New York State Department of Education.

Circle Academy's success is anchored on the belief that "every child's individuality must be respected and nourished. It is therefore our mission to provide a safe, nurturing and engaging environment to young children in our community so that they can become active members of society. Circle Academy is an independent, not-for-profit charter school specializing in early childhood development. Our success is built on respecting every child's individuality. Circle Academy believes that early childhood education is a time of fun, warmth, security, exploration, discovery and most importantly building self-esteem. We view parents as partners in the education of their children and we work collaboratively with our staff, parents and the entire community to guide our students in their learning process. Our ultimate goal is to build the most beneficial foundation for a child's future educational experience.
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