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Trustworthy, Patient Nanny

Part Time $15 – 25/hr Starts 12/09 Birmingham, AL
We need a nanny for our 1 child in Birmingham. And we're looking now! Schedule Details: I work from home, so my schedule is somewhat flexible. However, I am trying to create a more structured work schedule for myself, which requires me seeking a part-time nanny. I also need help with the baby because I like doing me own housework, and it is very difficult to do so without help with the baby. If I find the right person and M/W/F are not good days, I am willing to create a schedule based on the days that is best for the caregiver as well. I prefer someone who can come 3 six hour days per week. About the child(ren): My daughter will be 1 at the time I need someone to start. She has been home with me since she was born, so she is very attached. However, once she gets to know someone new and feels at ease, she is very lovable and fun. She has 4 much older siblings, so it's almost as if she is an only child. She loves books, playing in general, going on walks outdoors, and simply being loved on. She is on a good schedule where she takes 2 naps per day... first at 10 a.m. and 2nd between 2:30/3 p.m. Her personality is very sweet, a little sassy, and curious. I will have her meals prepared and will have them available for the caregiver to easily give snacks and meals. I don't expect housekeeping, however, I do like to encourage my daughter to help clean up toys once she is finished playing just to start forming early habits, so I would ask the caregiver do this with her. I have designated play areas for her, so keeping toys contained is easy. I also take care of her laundry, so all I would ask of the caregiver is to put soiled laundry in a designated area. I need someone who will be comfortable taking charge and caring for my daughter even when I'm in the house working or doing housework. I am happy to step in if the caregiver needs help, especially until everyone adjusts, but I would really like to find someone who is comfortable taking complete care of my daughter even if I'm in the next room.
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