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Little Trooper Home Day Care's Photo

Little Trooper Home Day Care

3623 Malibu Circle, Falls Church, VA

Starting at $12/hr

According to the United Nations publication on the Inequities in Early Childhood Development, the first 1,000 days of a child's life is the most important part of intellectual development. During this stage, a child absorbs information like a sponge. Experiences are stored in the brain to form a long-term memory that will be embedded in their personality. I treasure this information based on my personal experience. A cousin of mine when she was over a year old, did not say a word and barely responded to any form of communication. I noticed that her facial expression changed whenever she heard music. I sang to her everyday before she went to sleep. One day, as my aunt was singing the song I sing to her, she started singing. The rest is history.

This is a home day care limited to only 5 children. I focus on developing a child's sense perception by letting the child experience what he/she is learning. In this way a child not only learns faster but remembers effectively. I have tried this method with my other cousins as well and it was highly effective. They have grown to be academically outstanding. I have also volunteered in remote areas to prove my method and it has not failed me once. Experience is the best teacher indeed BUT sensory perception plays a big role in early childhood development. It is the bridge that develops a child's brain, hence, should be nourished. I assure you that your child will reach his/her highest potential with my guidance.

I encourage reading, playing, listening to music (melodic genres), constant communication (speaking to a child even if he/she is not capable of responding through speech yet), and story telling (voice inflection, facial reactions, body language, correlation of abstract and non-abstract objects, empathy, and self-awareness).

About Me:

I have a degree in Philosophy and a Master's in International Relations. I believe in one thing when it comes to children: Aside from genetic factors, a child is molded by the environment.

E-mail me for further information.

Additional features and facilities are listed below.

In Home:
Play Area.
Bath and Toilet.
Sleeping Room.
Tables and Chairs.
Food (Varies With Age/Optional).
Music Player.

Picnic Area.