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Scrubbin' Buddies's Photo

Scrubbin' Buddies

12140 SW Edgewood St., Portland, OR

Hi! We are a house cleaning team consisting of Kayli and Roxanne. We have been working together at a company for the past five years and have decided to venture out on our own. We both have worked for over ten years in the cleaning industry and we love what we do! We are a great team and we pride ourselves in being thorough and efficient and keeping your home happy and healthy!

We provide weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time cleans. So whether you want regular service, just want to spruce up the house for guests, or you are moving in or out of your home, we've got you covered!

We come prepared with all of the supplies and equipment we will need, so you don't need to worry about that. However, if there are specific products you would like us to use, we are happy to do so. We also try to use environmentally friendly products and practices whenever possible.

Basically, we clean your home from top to bottom every time, but we are providing a general list for clarity:

Bathrooms: Counter tops, Sinks, Fixtures(faucets, lights,etc.), Mirrors, Showers, Bathtubs,Toilets, Fronts of cabinets, Dusting of any other furniture or wall hangings, Floors

Kitchens: Top of stove and range, Microwave (inside and out), Fronts of appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, garbage compactor), Sinks, Counter tops, Fronts of cabinets, Floor

Rest of House: Cobweb removal, Dusting (furniture, surfaces, wall hangings, window sills, window blinds, baseboards) Vacuuming of all rugs and carpets, Mopping of all flooring (hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, tile, etc.)

*If you would like your bedding changed you can leave out clean sheets for us and we would be happy to make your beds.
*If there is something you want done that you don't see on this list, just ask and we may be able to accommodate you.
*Prices posted on this site are only a rough estimate. There are a lot of factors to be considered in pricing and an exact cost will be determined after we visit your home for the first time.
Coffman's Household Services's Photo

Coffman's Household Services

6245 SW Lombard Ave Apt 107, Beaverton, OR

Where does doing the Regular to Annual House Cleaning or keeping the place De Cluttered come in? To most, it never happens. Aw sure, you'll start cleaning, rearrange, de clutter some. But something or someone always will be there, to interrupt you from finishing the Job.

That's where Coffman's Household Services LLC comes in & helps tackle all your troublesome and overwhelming House Cleaning & Decluttering Chores for You. We've made it our Career, to helping others stay focused on their Life Ambitions and leave the cleaning and decluttering to us.

**Cleaning Services **

Annually-One Time Deep Spring Cleaning Services- Great for Move In/Outs, Special Events & Seasonal

Chore List Includes-

* Fully Detailing Baths, Bed, Living, Family, Entertainment, Recreational, Home Office
laundry, Front/Back Entryways, Baseboards & All other Living Areas
* Dusting all Living Areas
* Deep Cleaning all Windows/Sills (Inside Only)
* Wiping out/down all Appliances, Cabinets, Baseboards, Framework, Trim, Walls
* Scrubbing all Counter Tops & Splash Plates
* Catching up on Laundry
* Sweeping, Mopping or Scrubbing Tile/Wood Flooring. This includes Sweeping & Mopping the Floor underneath Furnishings, Etc.
* Vacuuming Carpet/Furniture
* Moving All Major/Small Appliances & getting up underneath them, as well
* Moving all movable Furnishings/Furniture and getting up under those as well
* Fully detailing Cabinets, Drawers
* Putting Items out of Place, where they belong
* Pulling all Trash/Recycling

**Standard House Cleaning **

This Service is mainly to get the Top Surfaces of each Room in the Home, as well as Fully detailing the Bathroom. Some of these Chores are:

* Dusting
* Flooring
* Detailing Bath
* Wiping down all Surfaces
* Detailing Small Appliances
* Vacuuming Furniture
* Light Tidy up
* Gathering up & taking out the Trash/Recycling.
* Note- Because of Thumbtack's Forum, we will be willing to do Extra Chores that are under our Deep Cleaning List for an Extra already Added Fee, in each Quote.

Also available services include:
*Regular Housekeeping/Maid Services
*Clutter Bug Services
*Closet Clutter Bugs
*Storage Clutter Bugs
*OCD Clutter Bugs

**More Reasons Why choose Us **

* We are a Family owned business. We will always be here for you.
* We have reliable & verifiable References.
* We have State & City Licenses to work & Have Liability Insurance too.
* We are a 5 star deep cleaning & organizational specialist.
* We also try very hard using Cleaning Products & Household Equipment that are safe around humans, animals & our environment alike.
* We are very Hard Working, Dedicated, Reliable & Willing to go that "Extra Mile", to clean to your expectations.
* We have a wide range of Cleaning & Organizing Services, to help a variety of budgets.
* We make Messy, Dysfunctional & Hoardful Homes safe & manageable to live in again.
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FAQs for finding house cleaning in Beaverton

In 2021 what is the cost for house cleaning services in Beaverton, OR?
Hiring a house cleaner in Beaverton, OR will cost an average of $17.00 per hour as of May 2021. This rate will vary depending on what areas of your home you need cleaned, how long the house cleaner can expect to be at your home for each job and who will provide the cleaning products.
How can I find local house cleaners near me?
You can filter and sort local house cleaner profiles by distance from Beaverton or by zip code. Compare your options by reading about the services they provide, and reviews from past clients. There are currently 73 house cleaners in Beaverton, OR, although you can expand the radius of your search if you'd like to increase your options.
What are the different types of house cleaning services available in 2021?
House cleaners in Beaverton, OR range from general room cleaning all the way up to cleaning your attic. Be very detailed when you communicate with each house cleaner so you both are on the same page with exactly what you want done in your home. Cleaning the carpets may mean vacuuming to your house cleaner, but you may also want them to remove a few stains. Also, asking a house cleaner to clean the kitchen may not be descriptive enough if you want them to wipe down your cabinets and refrigerator.