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Photo for Weekly House Help! - Hello, 

I'm looking for someone who is int...

Weekly House Help! - Hello, I'm looking for someone who is int...

Part Time $10 – 20/hr Starts 11/20 Houston, TX
Hello, I'm looking for someone who is interested in a 4 hour shift every Sunday. To help with cleaning, small housekeeping, meal prep and one load of laundry. I'd have all of the tasks on a clipboard available for you when you enter the house including recipes with instructions for the weekly meal and a checklist of duties. The job doesn't have to be every Sunday but I would like help around my home at least once a week. I am likely to book your services more often if you are open to small errands or personal assistance. There might be things I'll like help with even outside of cleaning. I seek help because I own a store and I'm too busy to clean or cook like I used to. I have three dogs that can be in the kennel when you are in the home. The biggest dog is only 30 pounds and they don't have a violent background. History in dog grooming or dog sitting is a plus. Please let me know if this job interests you. Thank you! My home is all tile. There is no carpet. I have a vacuum cleaner as well as multiple spray mops and a broom but you are free to bring items if you clean better with your own items. I will only ask for help in one of the bedrooms but majority of what I will like help in is the kitchen and living room. I'd like help in my home at least once a week. Desired Duties : Vacuuming, Sweeping, Mopping Dusting Wiping down counters Washing dishes Meal prep for 1 week One load of laundry I seek someone who is organized and works well in isolation. I will be in the house with you during the cleaning but I don't expect anyone to hold a conversation. You are free to listen to music while you clean if you need to. Or I will let you use my TV to have on. I do not force people to keep me entertained. You won't have to talk to me outside of the job duties. I have a nice sized driveway and huge space on the side of the house by my mailbox. I have 3 dogs. The biggest is 30 lbs and she's patient & older. The second dog loves people and will see if you're going to pet him. The third dog is a quiet chihuahua who barely barks. If she does bark, it'll be at a squirrel from out of our patio door. None of the dogs have a violent history. They can stay in the kennel when you provide the housekeeping services if it would make you more comfortable but I will take small grooming from time to time and possibly pay for longer hours if you are open to it.
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