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Barb's Home Day Care's Photo

Barb's Home Day Care

468 4th. Ave, Redwood City, CA

Starting at $400/wk

Barb's Home Day Care follows a fun and stimulating curriculum: circle time, arts and crafts, reading time, rhymes and rhythms, visits to local libraries and playgrounds and much more. We have a large yard for the children to play which includes a sand box. I can prepare fresh and organic food everyday.
Reviewed by Adalina 5/5 stars
There is a special place in a parent's heart for the people that treat their children with love - Barb and her team will forever have a special place for our family. We took our son to Barb's daycare when he was 6 months old and could not have been more grateful that Barb was his first caregiver outside our home. She was a pro helping him transition AND was super patient and helpful to me as a new mom as I too went through that transition. The space was ideal for a smaller kids with many toys and a comfortable outdoor space to play in. I greatly appreciated the updates Barb would share, especially pictures of our son playing with the other children. During COVID, Barb and her team have been very careful and have followed all the recommended guidelines. She has proactively set up time with parents to understand concerns and to allow us all to engage with one another virtually in light of the fact that we now more than ever have to rely on one another to keep our families safe. Barb is a GREAT caregiver and we hope once we have to start commuting down to RWC post COVID with another little one, we can work with Barb again.
Mi Escuelita Daycare Preschool's Photo

Mi Escuelita Daycare Preschool

963 Lurline Dr, Foster City, CA

Starting at $95/day

At Mi Escuelita Daycare and Preschool we help children learn in a developmentally appropriate environment. We believe the first 5 years of a child's life is the most important; therefore, they should have fun and benefit from a structured and yet flexible schedule! After all, even the experts agree that children learn mostly through play. These carefree years are so short, and soon the children will be exposed to a much more structured form of learning. Our goal is to provide a safe, caring, loving and educational place for children where they can learn and grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially at their own pace.
Reviewed by Alejandra D 5/5 stars
My son was with Iris and Juanita from 2 months of age until TK. I love, love, love these two women. Dropping him off each day was like leaving him with family members who also are early childhood experts. They really get to know the kids, respect them (taking into account their little personalities and preferences), care lovingly for them, teach them important life skills, and make their time there special. They also create a sense of community where the kids learn to help and take care of each other. This was incredible to see- older kids helping smaller ones, everyone having a role to play to contribute to the group. I really think one of the reasons my kid is so caring and confident now is because of their great influence. They take their job very seriously, are always learning and applying new things, communicate well with families, provide age appropriate learning opportunities, a safe environment, and joyful activities-- dancing, art projects, music, stories, holiday events, walks to the park.... Just thinking about all the little kids gathered for a real Thanksgiving dinner at her house every year still makes me tear up. When you walk into the house, you see how Iris has done absolutely everything in her power to make it a great place for kids. She and Juanita give their all. Iris and Juanita didn't just care for my kid, they loved him, and for this I am deeply grateful. Having other adults who love your kid is priceless- Iris and Juanita are one of the biggest gifts life has given me.
Little Steps's Photo

Little Steps

213 Jackson Ave., Redwood City, CA

Starting at $480/wk

We provide excellent quality care, for the most important people in this world, our children. I've worked with children for more than 10 years, from infants to adolescents. I believe that quality care helps the kids develop through their entire lives. I have an Associate Degree in Early Childcare and bilingual - Spanish and English. We are located one block from Whole Foods, close to the 101 freeway. Really close to downtown Redwood City. We provide provide organic, fresh, homemade meals.
Reviewed by Armando S 5/5 stars
I'm so grateful that I found Ivonne, Juliana, and Silvia! There are wonderful people who enjoy working with children. My son is a one year-old and four months. He has been attending Little Steps daycare since he was six months old. Their food is great and made from scratch, and the place is very clean. They play games, sing songs, and they also teach them the colors and alphabet. They also have a playground outside with a beautiful garden. Every time I drop of my son, I feel very secured because there are three people looking out for him. My son already counts 1-10 and can recognize colors! Every holiday, they take them beautiful pictures where the kids are dressed up, and they give it to their parents as a gift. I am very happy with their service and they are excellent, loving people. They are an extension to my family. Thank you so much Ivonne, Juliana ,and Silvia for taking care of my son as one of your own.
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